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NEXT ISSUE: 2018, 22(3), June: closed

1. Kozina Zh.L., Prokopenko I.F., Cretu M., Chebanu O.I., Ryepko O.A., Osiptsov A.V., Razumenko T.O. Individual chronobiological regularity in track-and-field sprint Ukraine
2. Ali Reza Amani The effect of creatine monohydrate supplement on stroke volume during high intensity aerobic exercise in non active adults Iran
3. Fitili Panagiotα I., Giovanis Vasilios F., Sanidopoulos Georgios N. The characteristics of the Greek athletes of race walking in relation to the frequency of injuries Greece
4. Khudolii O.M. et al. Physical health of school children... Ukraine
5. Furman Y.M., Miroshnichenko V.M., Brezdeniuk O.Y. An estimation of aerobic and anaerobic productivity of an organism of youth aged 17-19 years of the Podolsk region Ukraine
6. Pryshva O.B. Seasonal optimality of high intensity physical activity for men of mature age Ukraine
7. Işık Bayraktar, Murat Çilli Estimation of jumping distance using run-up velocity for male long jumpers Turkey

Pre-publication review
NEXT ISSUE: 2018, 22(4), August: closed

1. Aistė Barbora Ušpurienė, Šarūnas Šniras Effect of sports training programme on juvenile sports dancers motivation Lithuania
2. Furman Yu. M., Holovkina V.V., Salnykova S.V., Sulyma A.S., Brezdeniuk O.Yu., Korolchuk A.P., Nesterova S.Yu. Effect of swimming with the use of aqua fitness elements and interval hypoxic training on the physical fitness of boys aged 11-12 years old Ukraine
3. Bădicu Georgian Values of the body mass index of adolescents from Romania reported to the number for hours of physical education practiced Romania
4. Yermakova T.S. The formation of health... Ukraine
5. Salnykova S.V., Furman Yu.M., Sulyma A.S., Hruzevych I.V., Gavrylova N.V., Onyschuk V.Ye., Brezdeniuk O.Yu. Peculiarities of the influence of occupations by aquafitness with the use of the method of endogenous-hypoxic breathing on the physical preparedness of women 30-49 years old Ukraine
6. Aynur YILMAZ Parent Expectations towards Participation to Extracurricular Sport Activity of High School Students Turkey

Pre-publication review
NEXT ISSUE: 2018, 22(5), October: closed

1. Bădicu G., Gatterer H., Balint L., Burtscher M. The effects of weekly motivational phone calls on the amount of leisure sports activities and changes in physical fitness Romania Austria
2. Mytckan B. M., Verbovyi V. P., Chovhan R. Ya., Zemska N. O., Kryzаnivskaya О.F., Bublyk S. А., Моcherniuk V. B., Faichak R. I., Lisovskiy B.P., Popel’ S. L., Baskevich O. V. Influence of physical load of maximum aerobic power on hemodynamics and morpho-biochemical changes of erythrocytes of volleyball players Ukraine
3. Selcen Korkmaz Eryılmaz, Metin Polat A comparison of Isocapnic Buffering Phase of Cross-country Skiers and Alpine Skiers Turkey
4. Yermakova T.S. Individualization of forming health culture in schoolchildren (6-10 years old) of Polish schools Ukraine
5. Khudolii O.M. Discriminant analysis... Ukraine
6. Ali Heydari, Hossein Soltani, Mahdi Mohammadi-Nezhad The effect of Psychological skills training (goal setting, positive self- talk and Imagery) on self-confidence of adolescent volleyball players Iran

Pre-publication review
NEXT ISSUE: 2018, 22(6), December: closed

1. Yermakova T.S. The peculiarities of inclusive approach in the formation of healthsaving educational environment Ukraine
2. Khudolii O.M. Sports male athletes... Ukraine
3. Miroshnichenko V.M., Salnykova S.V., Brezdeniuk O.Y., Nesterova S.Y., Sulyma A.S., Onyshchuk V.E., Gavrylova N.V. Maximum oxygen consumption... Ukraine
4. Podrigalo L.V. The Comparative Analysis... Ukraine

Manuscripts submitted after March 1, 2018 will be considered for publication from September 1, 2018 and will be published in Winter/Spring volumes 2019. Please check our website periodically for updates.

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