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1. Petrenko N.V., Romanova V.B., Petrenko O.P., Ostapenko V.V. Analysis of the functional state of women students in the process of healthy training exercises in different phases of the ovarian-menstrual cycle Ukraine
2. Svystun J.D., Trach V.M., Shavel Kh.E., Kukujuk J.M. Hygienic aspects of physical education and health of schoolchildren Ukraine
3. Kolumbet A.N., Dudorova L.Y., Babina N.A., Bazulyuk T.A., Maximovich N.Y. The control system for special preparedness of cyclists Ukraine
4. Vitomskyi V.V., Lazarіeva О.B., Ra’ad Abdul Hadi Mohammad Alalwan, Vitomska M.V. Restoration of ankle joint, quality of life dynamics and assessment of achilles tendon rupture consequences Ukraine
5. Korobeynikov G.V., Korobeynikova L.G., Romanyuk L.V., Dakal N.A., Danko G.V. Relationship of psychophysiological characteristics with different levels of motivation in judoists of high qualification Ukraine
6. Ivashchenko O.V., Iermakov S.S., Khudolii O.M. The peculiarities of the model of classification of the state of girls' preparation aged 6-10 years Ukraine
7. Shepelenko T.V., Kozina Zh.L., Cieślicka M., Prusik K., Muszkieta R., Sobko I.N., Ryepko O.A., Bazilyuk T.A., Polishchuk S.B., Osiptsov A.V., Kostiukevych V.M. Factor structure of aerobics athletes preparation Ukraine
8. Marc Lochbaum, Rebeka Prosol, Renata Barić Cardiovascular and Energy Requirements of Parents Watching Their Child Compete: A Pilot Mixed-Methods Investigation USA

Pre-publication review
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1. Volkov P.B. Play technologies as means and method for developing the flexibility of the spine and children and adolescents movement coordination in sports activities in out-of-town health camps Russia
2. Avdeeva M.S., Tulyakova O.V. Informative indices of physical and functional state of young men during the process of adaptation to the education Russia
3. Vasilios F. Giovanis, Francesco A. Yiaghis, Panagiotis V. Vasileiou Topographic recording of the Slalom racing route in snow Greece
4. Yurchuk-Zuliar O.A., Tulyakova O.V., Kunshin A.A. Physical and sexual development... Russia

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