CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.9

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Alja Omar Samara.The Common Questions of the Physical Aftertreatment of Persons with the Multiple Sclerosis 2008.-N9.3
2. Amro Ismail.Kinesitherapy and Physiotherapy in the Complex Rehabilitation of Patients with Violation of Cerebral Circulation of Blood 2008.-N9.8
3. Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.Development of Physical Quality Jumping on Physical Education Lessons in Tabletennis Section 2008.-N9.12
4. Belozyorova N..Development of Primary Education in the Region in the Second Half XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Item as a Historical Pedagogical Problem 2008.-N9.14
5. Bilokopitova G.A., Lavrentieva V.O.Method of Development and Criteria of Estimation Coordinating Capabilities Girls 10-13 Years, which are Engaged in a Calisthenics 2008.-N9.17
6. Bondarchuk N.Ya., Chernov V.D.The Interrelation of the Functional Condition Parameters and Physical Readiness of Uzhgorod National University Students 2008.-N9.20
7. Ganchar A.I.Features of Dynamics of Gender Differences of Swimmers Results on the World Championship in Melbourne - 2007 2008.-N9.22
8. Golyaka S.K.The Condition of the Properties of Foundamental Nervous Processes, Functions of Memory and Attention of Sportsmen 2008.-N9.27
9. Dobroskok Irina.Forming of Professional Worth as a Condition of Heightening Professional Competence of Students of Higher Educational Institutions 2008.-N9.31
10. Dutchak M.Monitoring within the System of Public Management of Sport for All in Ukraine 2008.-N9.34
11. Iermakov S.S.Scientific Editions on Pedagogical Sciences: Analysis of Activity and a Prospect of Euro Integration 2008.-N9.43
12. Zubal M.V.The Paces of Development Physical Qualities of the Boys with Various Somatotypes in the Ontogenesis of the School Period 2008.-N9.50
13. Zyuz V.M.Increase of Target Accuracy of Strokes of Tennis Players at the Stage of Specialized Base Preparation (10-14 Years) 2008.-N9.54
14. Kozina Zh.L., Grinchenko I.B., Vaksler M.A., Tikhonova A.A.Preparation of Players in Student Basket-Ball Commands with an Accent on Application of Tactical Exercises 2008.-N9.59
15. Kolbina T.V.Theoretical Problems of Designing Pedagogical Technology of Formation of Intercultural Communication in Higher Educational Establishments of Economic Education 2008.-N9.64
16. Kostyukevich Viktor.Training Work Hockey Players on a Grass of Tall Qualification in Base Educing Mezocycle the Preparatory Term 2008.-N9.69
17. Kremen V.G. Pedagogical Problems of Forming Economic Personality 2008.-N9.75
18. ropivnitskaya ..The Importance of Mass Media for Promoting Sport Single Combats in Ukraine 2008.-N9.79
19. Kruszewski Artur, Jagiello Wladysaw, Adamiec Tomasz.The Evaluation of Tactical and Technical Preparation of the Senior Medalists from 66 kg Category Participating in European Championships from 2004 to 2006 2008.-N9.83
20. Lomaka Z.M.Prophylaxis of Infection by the Virus Hepatitis with in Aesthetic Manipulations 2008.-N9.87
21. Pazinich S.N.General Pedagogization, Professionalism of Teacher as the Basis of Stability of Society and Comprehensive Development Of Personality 2008.-N9.91
22. Pilipey L.P.Urgency of the Theory of Operation of Visual Analyser in a Race Course of Designing the System of Professional - Applied Physical Preparation of Students 2008.-N9.96
23. Pidkopay D.O.Researches of Constituents of Professional Trade of Sporting Masseur at Work with Ice Skaters 2008.-N9.99
24. Ponomaryov A.S.Philosophy of Education, Synergetic and New Educational Paradigm 2008.-N9.102
25. Rusakova T.M.Computer Games as Social Pedagogic Phenomenon which Influences on the Process of Development Teenagers Thinking 2008.-N9.106
26. Romanchuk I.V.Influence of the Trainings Loadings of the Special Orientation on the Dynamics of Asymmetry of Indexes of Technical Preparedness of Young Basketball-Players 2008.-N9.109
27. Savchenko G.O.Analytical Activity in Professional Preparation of Future Specialists 2008.-N9.113
28. Sembrat A.L.Pedagogical Habits of Educational Process in a Grammar School 2008.-N9.116
29. Smolts T.V., Glovatska I.V., Buleichenko O.V., Filatova Z.I., herbak L.N.The Influence Athletic-Sanitary Occupation on Organism Student I Course of the Special Medical Group 2008.-N9.119
30. Stanishevska Z.F.Application of Hardware Components in Preventive Measures and Treatment of Platypodia 2008.-N9.122
31. Timoshenko O.V.The Ways of Optimization Professional Preparation of Future Teachers of Physical Culture According to Development of Modern Education in Ukraine 2008.-N9.125
32. Tovchenko L.A.Features of Lead Through of Employments on Physical Education with the Students of the Special Educational Separation, Being ILL Myopia 2008.-N9.132
33. Tomenko O.A.The nalysis of Structure and Function of International Olympic Academy 2008.-N9.135
34. Karabouga S.G., Loiko O.M., Demkiv A.S., Yena M.A., Schukin B.E.Endurance Indexes Dynamics of the Cadets During their Studying at the High Education Institution 2008.-N9.142
35. Kharkivs'ka A.Lifelong Learning - Problems and Ways of Decision 2008.-N9.145
36. Cerkovnaya E.V.The Basic Tendencies in the Dynamics of the State of Health of Student Young People and Necessity of the New Going Near its Maintains 2008.-N9.152
37. Tsimbalyuk Zh.O., Kozlov A.V., Chornii O.., Nazn B.O.Reaction of Cardiovascular System Basketball Players at the Initial Stage of Education on the Solution of Tactical Problems 2008.-N9.156
38. Shalda S.V.Use of the Newest Hardware Components of a Physical Aftertreatment in Training Process of Power Aspects of Sports 2008.-N9.159
39. Shapoval L.V.Aesthetic Perception of Reality as the Professional Property of a Creative Art Teacher: to the Modern Statement of a Problem Under Conditions of Globalization 2008.-N9.162
40. Shtereb V.Organizational-Pedagogical Conditions of Correction of Physical Development of Adolescents Who Have Affection of Spinal Cord 2008.-N9.165
41. Yukhimenko S.Features of Structure of Physical Health of Freshmen Students 2008.-N9.170

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