CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.2

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Andriychuk O.Y., Grygus I.M.Analysis of dissertation works on physical education and sport for period from 1998 to 2008. 2010.-N2.3
2. Balamutova N.M., Polozhiy V.M., Sheyko L.V., Oleynikov I.P.Development tools students' speed qualities in a period of swimming butterfly. 2010.-N2.9
3. Bachinskaya N.V., Fedoryaka A.V.Features of planning of training process in a competition period for sportsmen 13-15 years, engaged in sporting dances of ballrooms 2010.-N2.13
4. Berezhansky A.O.Perfection of physical capacity and functional state of nordic-combinators on the stage of preliminary base preparation 2010.-N2.18
5. Boyko G.Criteria of psychological efficiency of realization system of psychology-pedagogical support of sports activity of sportsmen-disables 2010.-N2.23
6. Boychenko N.V.Perfection of technique-tactic skill and speed possibilities of caratists of the style "Kyokushinkai" 2010.-N2.27
7. Wang Yu Lan, Wang Xue Man.The ratio of people of Hebei province (China) to sports and recreational activities 2010.-N2.31
8. Vasil'chenko L.V.Professiogram teacher distance learning course in postgraduate teacher education 2010.-N2.34
9. Verbludov I.B., Loza T..Rationale simplified hardening training and recreational complexes future teachers 2010.-N2.38
10. Hakh R.V.The system of physical education of children and youth in educational institutions of Ukraine and Poland the second half of XIX - early XX century 2010.-N2.42
11. Gunko P. M.Philosophical-pedagogical aspects of physical education in modern terms 2010.-N2.46
12. Yefimova V.M., Babkina K.V.To the question of application of health protecting technologies in teaching and education of left-handed pupils 2010.-N2.49
13. Efremov S.V.Setting of laboratory work as forms scientifically - research work of students of higher educational establishments 2010.-N2.53
14. Zinovieva-Orlova O.P.Evaluation of influencing of employments heavy athletics on a womanish organism 2010.-N2.57
15. IbragimY.S.Support of a motivatsionno-target component of technology of formation of culture of brainwork of students on the basis of the resource approach 2010.-N2.60
16. Kushnir V.V., Fotuyma A.Y.The issue of scientific thesaurus differentiation of table tennis sportsmen's psychomotor abilities 2010.-N2.65
17. Likhoded V.S., Klopov R.V., Likhoded Y.V.Continuum of violations of health for children in the region of NPP AREA 2010.-N2.68
18. Lysenko S. A.Use of communicative experience of the past for formation of a humanistic orientation of pedagogical dialogue of the future specialists 2010.-N2.73
19. Maystruk V.V., Pylypko O.A., Fotuyma O.Y.Situation determinanty of display of aggression in sporting activity 2010.-N2.78
20. Mikityuk S.A.Sources of scientific bases of resource hike 2010.-N2.83
21. Mykhaylov V.V., Mykhaylov V.V., Popovich O.I.Running and tactical skill assessing in obstacle course run of Military Sports Complex's athletes 2010.-N2.89
22. Mosenz V.A., Horyakov V.A., Prikhodko V.M., Prikhodko E.A., Romanenko V.A. The structure of personality and temperamental properties in judo 14-16 years 2010.-N2.93
23. Nikolskyy A.U.Particularities of the education to sail of the students-woman high educational institutions not profiled in the physical culture 2010.-N2.96
24. Oleshko V.G., Lutovinov Y.A., Lisenko V.N., Tkachenko K.V.Contents of training work of master's weightlifters of different groups of gravimetric categories 2010.-N2.100
25. Ostrovsky M.V.Development of speed qualities of skilled water-polo players 2010.-N2.104
26. Perepletchikov D.A.Justification of the conceptual construct "readiness to the labour organization staff sports schools" in the context of vocational training future professionals of physical culture and sports 2010.-N2.109
27. Pomazan ..Intercommunication of anthropometric indexes and physical capabilities of children 4-6 years in prognostication of sporting results in a gymnastics 2010.-N2.113
28. Romanenko V.A., Horyakov V.A., Mosenz V.A., Ivanov S.D., Sokolov V.Y.Mecanisms term adaptation of young fighters to specific activities 2010.-N2.118
29. Romanenko V.A., Romanenko, L.P., Mosenz V.A., Horyakov V.A., Sokolov V.Y., Ivanov S.D.The reaction of the organism judoka 12-13 years of specific training load 2010.-N2.122
30. Ryutin V.V.Socially-pedagogical terms of preparation of senior pupils to service in Military Powers of Ukraine 2010.-N2.126
31. Salamakha O.Y.Use of educational internet-resources in the physical training course of the students engaged in taekwondo 2010.-N2.131
32. Samokih I.I.Prognostication of 600 meters race results of girls of 7-10 years 2010.-N2.134
33. Samsutina N.M.Forming of communicative competence as condition of professional preparation of future teachers of physical culture 2010.-N2.137
34. Svat'ev A.V., Gostischev V.N.Optimization of construction of the trainings loadings in the process of preparation of skilled rowers 2010.-N2.140
35. Sedljar J.V.To the question of construction of sporting training during year of sportsmen, specialized in bodbuilding 2010.-N2.145
36. Serhiyenko L.P., Lishevskaya V.M.Methods of Sports Genetics: dermatoglyphic analysis of human fingerprints (information 1) 2010.-N2.148

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.