CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.6

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1.Alekseenko A.O.Organization of physical preparation in the organs of internal affairs of Ukraine: psychological aspect.2010.-N6.3
2.Babalich V.A.Theoretical methodological analysis of indexes of preparedness of children of сhernobyl to health employments swimming2010.-N6.7
3.Boyko A.L., Anikeenko L.V., Efremenko V.N., Mischuk D.N.Use of applying aerobics classes at the recreational focus on basketball2010.-N6.10
4.Boloban. V.N.Macromethod of teaching acrobatic exercises difficult on coordination2010.-N6.14
5.Budagjans G.N. .Healthy way of life - the main condition of teenager's deviant behaviour prevention (historical aspect)2010.-N6.25
6.Bychuk I.A.Dynamics of physical preparedness of preschool age children in the process of experiment2010.-N6.29
7.Vladimirov O.A., Vladimirova N.I., Gridko L.A.Increasing functional reserves of organism the pregnant with anaemia by interrupted normobarical hypoxic stimulation2010.-N6.33
8.Ganchar A.I.Correction of estimation parameters of gender differences of results in swimming at the state tests of physical readiness of the population of Ukraine 2010.-N6.36
9.Gatsko E.V.Estimation of efficiency of the differentiated program of physical education of the special educational separation with the use of facilities of the health walking and at run for students with a vascular dystonia2010.-N6.41
10.Gomcharenko M.S., Samoilova N.V.The level of anxiety and self-appraisal of students under the influence of lessons in development of valeological culture2010.-N6.45
11.Gonshovsky V.Physical qualification of school-leavers with different level of professional readiness and somatotypes at the stages of studying in the military institution of higher education of the forces of civil defence2010.-N6.52
12.Dymova O.V., Evdokimov E.I.Application of physical exercises for the rehabilitation of patients the cancer of lights after operative interference2010.-N6.59
13.Zhelezniy A.D.Bolustherapy in the general chart of renewal of the lost functions of lower extremities for patients after the diaphyseal fracture of bones of shins2010.-N6.63
14.Klochko L.I.Forecasting to velocities harness racing on marathon run2010.-N6.67
15.Konova L.А.Influences at run on a health of students, engaged in independently the health hurrying2010.-N6.70
16.Kruchewskij A., Jagello V., Rokickij D.The structure of technical actions in the all-in wrestling on the example of Cadets' European Championships - Warsaw 20072010.-N6.74
17.Nikitina O.V.The physical rehabilitation in the early postoperation period with blocked femoral nailing2010.-N6.79
18.Osadchiy V.V.Methods, forms and facilities of professional preparation of teachers-tutors in the conditions of the controlled from distance form of teaching2010.-N6.82
19.Pasichnik V.R.Realization basic directions of the Bologna process in preparation of teachers physical cultures in Polish Institutes of higher2010.-N6.87
20.Prozar N.V. Analysis of some organization and methods provisions of training fifth graders sport games lessons in physical culture 2010.-N6.90
21.Romanchyshyn O.N., Sydorko O.U., Martyn P.M.A way of a life, fatigue and disease of students of pedagogical colleges2010.-N6.93
22.Roters T.T.Application of aesthetic, recreational forms of physical culture in the organizational and pedagogical techniques of school physical education2010.-N6.98
23.Sergienko V.N.Varied control of coordination capabilities of students2010.-N6.101
24.Serebryak V.V., Popov S.V., Kolosov Z.V.Perfection of technical and tactical preparation of sportsmen of hand-to-hand fight2010.-N6.105
25.Sidorova T.V.Forming technique of ski sport of students of the first course of sporting institute of higher education2010.-N6.109
26.Sydorchenko K.Physical rehabilitation of sportsmen after fractures of foot joint with the help of power-waved therapy2010.-N6.114
27.Sikura A.Y.The resonance phenomena and state of health2010.-N6.118
28.Sinopalnikova N.N.Finding of experience of the use of computer-integrated forms and methods of teaching in the process of preparation of future teachers of initial school2010.-N6.121
29.Statiev S. I.Physical rehabilitation of primary school children with asthma in day hospital2010.-N6.125
30.Uliz'ko V.M., Korobeynikov G.V.The state of emotional tension of tennis sportswomen-players of high qualification2010.-N6.128
31.Khoroshukha M.F.The following article considers the question of the natal of the young sportsmen's aggressiveness (13-16 year-old sportsmen specializing in different kinds of sports.): the comparative analysis of my own researches conducted in the 90s and 2000s (report no. 3)2010.-N6.131
32.Khudolii O.N.Analysis of deposit of physiological and psychological theories of forming motive skills on development of theory of teaching to the physical drills2010.-N6.136

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.