CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.10

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1. Afonin V.N., Kizlo L.N., Popovych A.I. Enhancement of military institutes cadets' level of readiness while performing special exercises (on the example of obstacle course) 2010.-N10.3
2. Bondarenko V.V. Ways of decision of problem of forming for the cadets of the special qualities, need the militiaman to successful counteract against the armed attack 2010.-N10.6
3. Borova T. A. Model of the interaction a manager and a higher school teacher 2010.-N10.9
4. Vinduk A.V. Definitions of professional preparation of future specialists in a hotel-resort 2010.-N10.13
5. Galchenko A.N. Development of physical culture among the school youth of Donbass (20-ies of XX century) 2010.-N10.17
6. Hertsyk A.M. Physical rehabilitation specialist, or physical therapist: national and international interpretation of occupational names 2010.-N10.21
7. Gonchar O.V. The origins of the idea of pedagogical mutual relations of participants of the educational process 2010.-N10.25
8. Dmitriev S.V. Antropo-technological methods of training of physical actions with application of heuristics methods and cogitation of metaphorisation 2010.-N10.30
9. Dragnev Y.V. Acmeology aspect of professional becoming of the future teacher of physical training in conditions of information of education 2010.-N10.43
10. Diachenko A.U. Manifestations of special functional capacity of trained athletes in rowing with a different type of physiological reactivity 2010.-N10.46
11. Konokh А.P., Pritula О.L. Use of modern technologies in the process of physical education of students on the basis of deep course professionally-applied physical preparation 2010.-N10.49
12. Medvedeva I.M. Methodical basis of the preparing technology of the specialists in the competitive system activity in figure skating on ice 2010.-N10.52
13. Medvedeva I.M. Methodical basis of the education technology of the specialist-trainer in the figure skating on ice competitive activity in high-performance figure skaters 2010.-N10.56
14. Popichev M.I.The pedagogical analysis of diagnostics of students of the legal institute visiting discipline "physical training" 2010.-N10.60
15. Rovnaya O.A., Rovniy A.S., Ilyin V.N. Intersensory attitudes as system of the sensor control of impellent activity of sportswomen of synchronous swimming 2010.-N10.65
16. Samarina S.I. Professional career teachers in context of the disciplined behavior of secondary school students in Ukraine (II half of XIX - beginning of XX century) 2010.-N10.70
17. Stepanets I.A. Feature of training of the gifted youth and becoming of the teacher - tutor in the modern Germany through a prism of pedagogical views of G.Skovoroda 2010.-N10.74
18. Тkachuk V.G., Rovny А.S., Leus L.I. Functional state of the different sensory systems at reproduction the sportsmen of exact motions 2010.-N10.77
19. Turchina N.I. Functional state of the nervous system of sportsmen of playing types of sport 2010.-N10.82
20. Finogenov U.S. Factor which cause a level of physical readiness of servicemen of the Land forces of armed forces of Ukraine 2010.-N10.86
21. Khoroshukha M.F. The influence of the training loads having different directions concerning the teenagers' state of health the ones being educated in sporting inclined boarding schools (according the author's timely observations) 2010.-N10.89
22. Shul'ga A.S. Technique of competition activity of sportsmen specialized in the speed climbing. The data of the quantitative and qualitative 2010.-N10.94
23. Boraczynski T., Zaporozhanov V.A. Evaluation criteria of the individual motor predisposition of female sport gymnastics 2010.-N10.97

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.