CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.11

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1. Aghyppo O.Y., Gorodiskiy N.I., Shalenko E.V.Correlation of general and special physical preparation of young racing skiers-drivers is in a circannual macrocycle 2010.-N113
2. Batishcheva M.R.Methods of individualization and intensification of employments a health gymnastics and fitness with senior girls-pupils 2010.-N119
3. Bielicova N.O.Theoretical bases of forming for future physical rehabilitation specialists on readiness to health saving activity 2010.-N1112
1. Boyko G.M.A correctional orientation of psychological-pedagogical support of sports activity sportsmen high qualification in sports of disables 2010.-N1116
2. Gordienko Y.V.Features of gender relations in powerlifting 2010.-N1120
3. Deminskaya L.A.Analysis of maintenance and conditions of the use of healthsafing technologies in the system of secondary schools 2010.-N1123
4. Dovzhenko T.A.Forming the authority of parents as educators 2010.-N1127
5. Yermakov S.S., Apanasenko G.L., Bondarenko T.V., Prasol S.D.Physical culture is a basic instrument of culture of health 2010.-N1131
6. Iermakova T.S.The usage by the modern school an experience of high school pupils' healthy life style forming (the second part of XX century) 2010.-N1134
7. Yefimova V.M.Characteristics of teacher's health protecting activities in the modern secondary school environment 2010.-N1138
8. vahnenko A.A.Psycho-pedagogcal characteristic of adaptive mobile games for deaf children of primary school age 2010.-N1142
9. Kotko D.N., Levon M. M, Ershova G. S.To the question on efficiency of rehabilitation sick of the chronic ischemic heart trouble with stable stenocardia II-I FK of advanced age 2010.-N1146
10. Kuznetsova V.N.Becoming of practice and internship as students research activity forms 2010.-N1151
11. Leschinska K.O.Psychomotor availability for school education of 5-6 year old children 2010.-N1154
12. Lukjanchenko M.I.Man's health through the model of salutogenetic: theory and practice 2010.-N1158
13. Liasota T. I.The integration effect of activity on adaptation of junior children 2010.-N1161
14. Maliar E.I., Maliar N.S., Budnyy V.E.Methods of the professional-applied physical preparation of students of higher educational establishments of economic type 2010.-N1164
15. Makovetskaya N.V.Modern professional development of specialists of preschool educational establishments status to educationally-health activity 2010.-N1168
16. Ovcharuk I.S., Sidorchenko K.N.The analysis of the physical statement of cadets of the 1st course of the military Institute on the starting stage of studying 2010.-N1172
17. Oleksenko V., Oleksenko N.Improvement of professional training of future specialists 2010.-N1176
18. Omelyanenko G.A.Structure of research abilities of bachelors of physical education and sport 2010.-N1179
19. Popichev M.I.The pedagogical analysis of diagnostics of students of the legal institute visiting discipline "physical training" 2010.-N1183
20. Popovich O.I., Fedak S.S., Romanchuk S.V.Special physical training is a way to adaptation to stressors of battle-educational and battle activity of servicemen 2010.-N1188
21. Poproshaev O.V., Chumacov O.V., Kashynsky G.A.The influence of various forms of physical education organization for individual health level of students (1-3 years) 2010.-N1191
22. Putrov S., Merzlikina O.Features of the mental state of patients with myocardial infarction at a sanatorium stage of rehabilitation 2010.-N1195
23. Romanchishin O.N., Sidorko O.J., Dyka M.V.Somatic health, adaptable potential, physical condition and biological age of students of pedagogical college 2010.-N1198
24. Romanchuk S.V., Boyarchuk A.M., Romanchuk V.N.Existent state and prospective directions of physical training improvement in Land Forces 2010.-N11102
25. Svatyev A.V., Bezkorovaina L.V.Analysis of preparation of future trainer-teacher to professional activity in higher educational establishments 2010.-N11106
26. Semenova O.E., Afonin V.M.Complex control of physical readiness of youth in higher educational institutions 2010.-N11110
27. Semchenko N.O.Introduction of ideas of healthcare pedagogy in teaching and educational process of higher Institutes 2010.-N11113
28. Smolyakova I.D.Creative technology of the forming the healthy way of life of the students of technical higher educational establishment 2010.-N11117
29. Sokolenko V.L., Sokolenko S.V.Correlation of indexes of specific immunity in the conditions of the moderate physical loadings, conditioned employments by a physical culture. 2010.-N11120
30. Temerivskaya T.G.The condition of students' readiness of faculty of physical culture and human health to future professional activity 2010.-N11123
31. Yashna O.P.Description of children as subjects of adaptive physical culture training in social rehabilitation centers 2010.-N11125

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.