CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.1

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1. Artjushenko A.A.The role of consciousness in forming motive skills at children of comprehensive school as a part of personal mobility 2011.-N1.3
2. Akhmetov R.F.The modern biomechanics technology in practice of preparedness athletes 2011.-N1.7
3. Boychenko N.V., Grin' L.V.Technique-tactic indexes of competitive activity of combat wrestles 2011.-N1.10
4. Borodin U.A.Theoretical-methodological aspects of physical preparation of саdets of institutes of higher education of engineer-operator type 2011.-N1.13
5. Bugerya T. M. Formation of physical rehabilitation specialists' readiness for professional activity on the basis of intersubject relations 2011.-N1.17
6. Volkova S.S., Vindyuk O.V.Physical education of children 5-7 years in sporting health establishments of the United States of America 2011.-N1.21
7. Volkov V.L.Monitoring and evaluation of physical abilities, as the basic elements of learning management students, aiming at the development of personality in the physical training 2011.-N1.24
8. Vorozhbit V.V.Youth spiritual and moral education in the Ivan Ogienko's heritage 2011.-N1.29
9. Gavrilenko I.V., Shpak V.P.Formation of students of higher educational institutions ready to use injury-prevention knowledge in professional work 2011.-N1.34
10. Galchenko A.N.Development of physical culture and sports in Ukrainian village in 1920-ies (for example Donbass) 2011.-N1.38
11. Gonshovsky V.M.The algorithm of the formation and realization of the individually oriented physical preparedness of the future rescuers at the stages of studying at high military educational institution 2011.-N1.41
12. Gumenniy V.Influences of physical training on intellectual working capacity and psychoemotional stability of students depending on specificity of professional work 2011.-N1.45
13. Datsenko N.I.Analysis of the development of students' force with different levels of moving activity 2011.-N1.48
14. Dugina N.G., Mohova I. V., Borisova J.J.Estimation of teenager's physical body condition at the age of 13-14 years 2011.-N1.51
15. Yermolayeva T.NThe basics of the relationship of physical and aesthetic education in the process of development of personality 2011.-N1.54
16. Zaytzev V.P., Iermakov S.S., Hagner-Derengowska Magdalena.Methodology of recreation in the structure of educational space 2011.-N1.58
17. Zaytzev V.P., Prusik Kristof, Manucharyan S.V.Theoretical and methodological approaches to the problem of students' health in algorithms of recreation measures 2011.-N1.66
18. Lyshevskaya V.M.Differential assessment of the development of human strength abilities 2011.-N1.75
19. Magliovanyy A.V., Shymechko I.M., Boyarchuk A.M., Moros E.I.Dynamics of indicators of physical health among students engaged in power exercises 2011.-N1.80
20. Makovetskaya N.V.Professional development of specialists of preschool educational establishments to educationally-health activity on the basis of pedagogical management 2011.-N1.84
21. Markova V.S.Nontraditional facilities in the rehabilitation of women at incorrect positions of uterus 2011.-N1.88
22. Mysiv V.M.Morphofunctional and some psychological changes of indicators of future rescuers on the stages of training in higher military training institution 2011.-N1.91
23. Oleksenko M.V.Factors of preserving and strengthening student's health by pedagodical techologies 2011.-N1.95
24. Omelyanenko G.A.The modern state of formed level of readiness of bachelors of physical education and sport to research activity 2011.-N1.98
25. Pavlova Iu., Tulaydan V., Vynogradskyi В.Physical activity as a component of students' life quality 2011.-N1.102
26. Podlesny A.I.Innovative conditions of professionally applied training for maritime-students 2011.-N1.107
27. Sedliar Yu.V.Characteristics of the scientific researches in sport climbing (review of the monographs) 2011.-N1.112
28. Sychov S.O.Students' inclusion to the value of physical culture during the process of athletic training 2011.-N1.116
29. Spychak N.P.The features of realization of general functional potential of organism qualified kayakists in the conditions of implementation of training and competition loading 2011.-N1.119
30. Shashlo N.S.Influence of facilities of physical rehabilitation on the functional state of the cardial and respiratory system for children with the purchased vices hearts after surgical interference in an early after operational period 2011.-N1.124
31. Iermakov S.S., Prusik Krz., Bielawa L., Stankiewicz B.The effectiveness of the program kinesitherapy men aged 45-65 years after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) 2011.-N1.127
32. Prusik Katarzyna.Quantitive and qualitative criteria of positive health evaluation of women in older age 2011.-N1.130

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