CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.6

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1. Baybuza I.V. Hydrokinezotherapy as the cause of physical rehabilitation of children of preschool age with cerebral paralysis of spastic form 2011.-N6.3
2. Bochkova N. L. Ground of parameters of athletic-health employments for persons with giperholesterinemia 2011.-N6.7
3. Vovk V.M. Technological pattern of supporting continuity in physical education of students' personality 2011.-N6.10
4. Voronegskiy E.V., Shostaskiy O.V., Yurkovskiy E.V. Volume and efficiency of attacking actions in repertoire of qualified foil fencers at the modern stage of development of fencing 2011.-N6.14
5. Gant Н.E. Features of cognitive productivity of children in competitive and recovery periods 2011.-N6.17
6. Gerasymchuk A.Y., Yedinak G.A. Formation of somatic health of first-graders by means of physical education as a pedagogical problem 2011.-N6.22
7. Gradusov V.A., Lisianskii V.K., Mel'nik А.Yu. Investigating the efficiency and quality of performing serves by the high-level volleyballers in competition activity 2011.-N6.26
8. Grigus I.M., Prusik Kr., Prusik K., Hagner-Derengowska M. Theoretical methodical bases of physical rehabilitation of patients on easy persistent bronchial asthma 2011.-N6.30
9. Dragnev Y.V. Informatization and computerization of process of professional preparation of future teacher of physical culture is the future of athletic education in Ukraine 2011.-N6.47
10. Iermakova T.S. Forming of healthylife style of pupils via prism of physical culture outside of school (historical aspect) 2011.-N6.50
11. Zakorko I.P. Organizing and conducting career guidance and crime prevention among young people by means of physical culture and sports specialized university departments Internal Affairs of Ukraine 2011.-N6.57
12. Ionova O.M. Rudolf Steiner in the educational and cultural space 2011.-N6.60
13. Kovalenko J.A. Research of level of formed knowledge, abilities and skills on basket-ball for the students of faculty of physical education 2011.-N6.64
14. Kulthickiy Z.I. Features of psychological indexes in the sportsmen of weight sport at different weather terms 2011.-N6.67
15. Kurko Ya.V. The influence of swimming performance on objective and subjective health of men 2011.-N6.70
16. Lavrenyuk V.S. An improvement of power abilities of students in educational process of physical education 2011.-N6.74
17. Lysenko O.M., Vinogradov V.Y., Sologub L.M. Subsidiary means of mobilization type use for special working capacity rising of high qualified athletes during competition terms 2011.-N6.77
18. Manshulovsky V.M., Mohammed Ali, Lukasevych I.I. Prognostic role risk factors in rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases 2011.-N6.85
19. Mitskan B.M., Potashnyouk I.V. Physical preparation of pupils as an index of physiological reserve of an organism 2011.-N6.88
20. Mikheenko О.І. Complex method of a health level estimation in a man's organism 2011.-N6.93
21. Parhotik I.I., Celtov Ja.N., Chorny V.V. Restorative treatment program with physical exercise of patients with dysfunction of the biliary tract 2011.-N6.102
22. Pityn M.P., Stetskovich S.R. The sports results of leading pentathlonists during 2000-2010 2011.-N6.106
23. Prudnikova М.S. Research of level of motive internals of young bicyclists 12-13 years, which are specialized in ВМХ 2011.-N6.109
24. Roshchin I.G. The preparedness assessment of highly qualified female air-pistol shooters 2011.-N6.112
25. Sidorova T.V. Morpho-functional peculiarities and motive qualities of students of different sports specializations 2011.-N6.116
26. Skyriene V.V. Start the swimmer: problems, searches, decisions 2011.-N6.119
27. Sorokina S.O., Kudryashova T.I. Motivational interest of women of 30-50 years old to the studying of healthy exercises 2011.-N6.123
28. Kopanski K. Proglacial stream valley Vistula River and its tributaries in stimulating qualified water tourism development in selected municipalities of the Mazowsze province 2011.-N6.126

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