CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu =Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2012, vol.10

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1. Andryushina L.L., Ivaschenko O.A.Leadership as factor of men's student basketball team sports and games activities efficiency 2012.-N10.5
2. Barybina L.N.The impact of the individualization of physical education in higher education on the functional state students 2012.-N10.10
3. Globa G.V.System of Physical education at schools in China 2012.-N10.16
4. Dolbysheva N.G."General Fundamentals of Non-Olympic Sport" as a normative discipline for training of specialists in sport 2012.-N10.20
5. Kopa V.M.The theoretical foundation to application universal index of somatic health of students during the lesson of physical education 2012.-N10.25
6. Lutovinov Iu.A., Oleshko V.G., Lisenko V.N., Tkachenko K.V.Dynamics of the indicators of physical development, physical and technical fitness of young 12 - 15 year old weightlifters of the different groups of weight categories 2012.-N10.30
7. Mikityuk S.A.Features of planning of educational resources for forming critical thought of students of higher pedagogical educational establishments 2012.-N10.36
8. Moh'd Khalil Moh'd Abdel Kader.Dynamics of the component of body composition in athletes playing sports with damage to the medial meniscus of the knee 2012.-N10.41
9. Nikolaenko V.V., Balan В.A.An analysis of playing activity of 19-21-years-old footballers in the leading teams of Europe 2012.-N10.45
10. Olkhovyi O.M.Professional activity of officers on questions of physical training management 2012.-N10.50
11. Petriv O. S.The pre-start training technique of marksmen-sportsmen in the Olympic exercise RFP 2012.-N10.55
12. Pylypey L.P.Methodology of students' professionally-applied physical training in universities 2012.-N10.59
13. Udovenko M.A.Method of forming of integral thought and its use in the studies of health bases of initial school students 2012.-N10.64
14. Favoritоv V.N., Dyadechko I.E., Melnik T.V.Estimation of functional preparedness of young handballers in setup time 2012.-N10.67
15. Khaniukova O.V., Griukova V.V., Kireyev O.A.Usage the means of mini-tennis after school to enhance the development of physical qualities of children 9-10 years old 2012.-N10.71
16. Khrystova T.E.Physical rehabilitation of disabled people who suffered a cerebrovascular accident (late period) 2012.-N10.76
17. Yurchenko A.A.Correction of the static-dynamic posture's violation of junior schoolchildren with impaired vision during the process of physical education 2012.-N10.80
18. Jagiello Wladyslaw, Jagiello Marina, Kozina Zh. L.The body type profile of women occupying modern pentathlon 2012.-N10.84
19. Adamczyk Jakub Grzegorz, Grzesiuk Joanna, Boguszewski Dariusz, Ochal Andrzej, Grzechnik-Siewierska Magdalena, Siewierski Marcin.Physical activity of young people 16-17 years old and its knowledge in regard to the role of physical preparedness in the prophylaxis of illnesses of civilization 2012.-N10.89
20. Cieslicka Miroslawa, Napierala Marek, Pilewska Wieslawa, Iermakov Sergii.Status of morphological and motor skills of girls participating in modern dance classes 2012.-N10.96

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