CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.1

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1. Bezpaliy S. M.Experimental verification of the program of improvement of physical training of officers-instructors at higher educational establishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 2013.-N01.3
2. Belykh S.I., Chernigovskaia S.A.About forming of personality physical culture of students in the process of physical education (in aspect of presence of abilities) 2013.-N01.8
3. Bobrovnyk V.I.System of estimations and prognostications of bodily condition of skilled sportsmen in track-and-field 2013.-N01.12
4. Bondarenko V.V., Prontenko K.V., Prontenko V.V., Mihalchuk R.V.Features of opposition of offender and worker of militia under various conditions 2013.-N01.20
5. Kalmykov S.A. Features of method of medical physical culture at insufficiency of aortic valve 2013.-N01.25
6. Kalmykovа Y.S.Features of medical feed at saccharine diabetes 2013.-N01.30
7. Kamaev O. I., Bezkorovainyi D. O.Influence of the experimental program of trainings in armsport on the power indexes of basic muscle groups of 16-17-years-old armwrestlers 2013.-N01.34
8. Kucher V.O., Grygus I.M.The use of outdoor games and their effects on the body of schoolchildren 2013.-N01.39
9. Maglovanyy A.V., Boyarchuk A.M.Problems and ways of perfection of physical training of junior officers 2013.-N01.44
10. Nykytenko A.O., Nikitenko S.A., Busol V.V., Nykytenko A.A., Velychkovych M.R., Martciv V.P.Intercommunications of indexes of speed and power qualities of sportsmen single combat on the stage of the specialized base preparation 2013.-N01.49
11. Priyma S.M.Computer ontology as an instumental platform to ensure transparency of the European and national qualifications frameworks 2013.-N01.56
12. Prystupa E.N., Petryshyn Y.V., Bodnar I.R.Inclusive physical education of first-third group of health 2013.-N01.62
13. Prysjazhnuk S.I.Ground of maintenance of model of health of saving technologies of students of the special medical educational separation of physical education facilities 2013.-N01.68
14. Swistun Y.D., Trach V.M., Chornobaj I.M., Zalisko S.V.Correlation of physical and functional of cardiovascular young footballer 14-16 years 2013.-N01.74
15. Serhiyenko L.P., Lyshevska V.M.Soles dermatoglyphics in the prognosis of sport endowments: forming of soles dermatoglyphics in the Ukrainian population (information 1) 2013.-N01.79
16. Frolova L.S., Glazirin I.D., Petrenko Y.O., Kharchenko I.A., Timofeev A.A., Goncharenko A.N., Garyachuk O.V.Properties of playing and tactical thinking of female handball players with different qualification 2013.-N01.84
17. Ali Rajabi, Navid Lotfi, Arash Abdolmaleki , Shafieh Rashid-Amiri.The effects of omega-3 intake on delayed onset muscle sorness in non-athlet men 2013.-N01.91
18. Sara Karabalaeifar, Mehrdad Hefzollesan, Naser Behpoor, Sohrab Ghalehgir.Effect of caffeine on the amount of perceived pain, joint range of motion and edema after delayed muscle soreness 2013.-N01.96

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