CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.11

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1. Bosenсo А.I., Samokih I.I., Strashko S.V., Orlik N.A., Petrovsky E.P.Evaluation of junior courses students' level of mobilization of functional backlogs at the dosed physical activities at the pedagogical university 2013.-N11.3
2. Djim V.Y.Comparative analysis of exercise equipment jerk in weightlifting and weight sport 2013.-N11.10
3. Ionova O.M., Kot Ye.P.The contribution of teachers of the second half of XIX - early XX century in the development of anthropological ideas 2013.-N11.17
4. Kanivec Z.N.Development of Poltava network sports schools and inspection of there state sports activities in 50-70 years of XX century 2013.-N11.22
5. Kara S.І.Аn improvement of process of organization of pedagogical practice is priority condition of forming of professional competence of future teachers the basics of health 2013.-N11.28
6. Klimovich V.B., Romanchuk S.V.Effect of exercise on specific indicators of physical fitness and physical development of military student artilleryman 2013.-N11.32
7. Kozachenko S. N.Forming future teachers' valuable and notional competence as the scientific and pedagogic problem 2013.-N11.36
8. Kozina Zh.L., Ryepko O.A., Prusik Kr., Cieślicka M.Factor structure of the integrated training of elite athletes - representatives of mountain sports 2013.-N11.45
9. Kulyk N. A., Maslyak I. P.Correlations between the components of physical readiness and physical development of the older preschoolers 2013.-N11.52
10. Kutek T.B.Stimulation of regenerative processes of qualified athletes specializing in the high jump with a running start 2013.-N11.57
11. Ostafijchuk Y.F., Prezliata A.W., Mytskan B.M.Integrated approach in the development of competencies valeological students - medical doctor 2013.-N11.62
12. Petrenko N V.The dynamics of physical and mental health of students of economic specialties in the course of employment aqua 2013.-N11.67
13. Platonova A.G., Podrigalo L.V., Sokol K.M.Rational for the use of children's motor activity as a criterion for the effectiveness of rehabilitation and recreation 2013.-N11.72
14. Romanchuk A.P., Pisaruk V.V.Change of central hemodynamics of qualified athletes for testing the use of controlled breathing and evaluation 2013.-N11.77
15. Sohib Bahjat Al Mahmoud Mavazhdeh.Physical rehabilitation in osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, complicated unstable segments and intervertebral disc protrusions 2013.-N11.85
16. Charchenko P.S.The role of collective sports in the development of communication skills of adolescent deviants 2013.-N11.94
17. Shlepakov L.N., Varenyk O.N.Analysis of the factors influencing the process of attracting adults to regular physical activity at the local level 2013.-N11.99
18. Shmatova E.A., Nazar P.S.Influence of methods of physical rehabilitation on quality of life in patients with toxic hepatitis 2013.-N11.104
19. Prystupa Tetyana, Bolach Bartosz.Assessment of physical efficiency in children with hearing disorders 2013.-N11.109

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