The effectiveness of a course of the drug " Alakton " in the preparation of skilled wrestlers

Authors Sazonov V.V.
State Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports
Fizkultury str., 1, bldg. 2, Kyiv - 150, 03680, Ukraine

Jaremenko V.V.
National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine
Karl Marx str., 31, Irpen, Kiev region, 08200, Ukraine

Zemtsova I.I.
National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine
Fizkultury str., 1, bldg. 2, Kyiv - 150, 03680, Ukraine


Purpose. The influence of the new domestic preparation on the performance of functional readiness and psychophysiological performance athletes. Material and methods. The study involved 12 qualified wrestlers (age 17-19 years ) with the written consent. The drug contains chelated magnesium glycinate cocarboxylase and betaine. Course reception - within seven days of shock microcycle. Results. Found that course reception has a positive impact on health and the special recovery processes athletes. Also found a positive effect on physiological indicators. The authentic reduction in travel time distance shuttle run 4 x 9 m, increase in the coefficient of special endurance, increase the number of repetitions in the test. Showed a reduction in the coefficient of restitution and increasing the number of shots (mill) in this test. Conclusions. The data obtained suggest appropriate use of the drug in the practice of preparing skilled fighters.

Key words special; performance; physiological; indicators;

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Volume 12
Year 2013
doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.880630
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Bibliography Sazonov V.V., Jaremenko V.V., Zemtsova I.I., The effectiveness of a course of the drug " Alakton " in the preparation of skilled wrestlers. Pedagogics, psychology, medical-biological problems of physical training and sports, 2013, vol.12, pp. 72-76. doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.880630
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