CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.9

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1. Andreeva N.O.Value of the individual components subject training gymnasts according to the survey of coaches with different skills 2014.-N09.3
2. Vaskov Y.V.Conceptual foundations of classes with the disciples of special medical group in secondary schools. 2014.-N09.11
3. Galimskyi V.A.Modeling of physical fitness of young karatyst on the pre basic training 2014.-N09.17
4. Josan I.A., Strikalenko E.A., Shalar O.G.Methodology development and integrated control power-speed high-class handball players 2014.-N09.24
5. Kalmykov S.A., Urdina G.S., Pelikh I.V.Study of the efficiency use of physical rehabilitation in patients with chronic gastritis 2014.-N09.30
6. Kalmykova Y.S., Yurko N.V.Analysis of the effectiveness of physical rehabilitation according spirographic indicators in community-acquired pneumonia during convalescence 2014.-N09.35
7. Mikheenko О.I., Kotelevsky V.I.Model training of future specialists in human health to strengthen the use of health technologies 2014.-N09.41
8. Pryimakov O.O.Comparative characteristics structure physically prepared fighters high qualification light, medium and heavy weight category 2014.-N09.47
9. Serorez T.B.The indicators of the physical health of students on the characteristics of the physical fitness, aerobic and anaerobic productivity of their body 2014.-N09.54
10. Tikhonova N.V.Significance of youth and sports in Ukraine backup for the education of the younger generation 2014.-N09.60

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