CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.11

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1. Beliak Yu. I.Classification and methodical features of fitness and wellness facilities 2014.-N11.3
2. Borysova Yu.Yu., Vlasyuk E.A.Computer technology as a pedagogical innovation in physical education of schoolchildren 2014.-N11.8
3. Voropay S.M., Buryanovatiy O.M.The influence of special acrobatic classes on the expression levels of sustainability of the vestibular analyzer of young 6-8 year-old all-round fighters attending basic training groups 2014.-N11.13
4. Iermakova T.S.Education of children in Polish family in a context of forming health culture 2014.-N11.17
5. Kоrol S. A.Assessment of physical health and physical fitness of students of technical specialties of I course 2014.-N11.23
6. Martyniuk O.V.Justification for experimental methods for circuit training aerobics classes first mature age women 2014.-N11.30
7. Marchenko O. Iu.Gender aspects of formation of value potential of students' physical training 2014.-N11.38
8. Pichurin V.V.Psychological and psycho-physical training as a part of physical education of students in higher educational establishments 2014.-N11.44
9. Radzievskiy R. M.Tensodynamometric and spatial-temporal characteristics of defensive moving reaction of a law-enforcement officer in response to an attack of an armed enemy 2014.-N11.49
10. Svystun Yu.D., Trach V.M., Chornobaj I. M., Shavel Kh. E.Physical preparedness and functional status of young players in the competition period 2014.-N11.54
11. Tkachenko S.N.Health-technology in the classroom with the girls playing football of secondary school age 2014.-N11.61
12. Ghazal Mohamadi, Masoome Shojaee, Afkham Daneshfar, Zahra Nili Ahmadabad.Impact of shift in focus of attention on learning table tennis backhand with self-talk in high school females students 2014.-N11.66
13. Lazarieva Olena, Cieslicka Miroslawa, Stankiewicz Blazej, Muszkieta Radoslaw, Prusik Krzysztof.Physical rehabilitation of low back pain based on a conceptual system approaches 2014.-N11.74
14. Marya Rehmani Ghobadi, Rastegar Hoseini.Investigating the effects of physical activity levels, dairy products and calcium intakes on risk factors of osteoporosis prevention in female students of Islamic Azad University of Damavand, Iran 2014.-N11.79

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