CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.12

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1. Aksutin V.V., Korobeynikov G.V.Psychophysiological states and special performance of boxers with different styles of fight. 2014.-N12.3
2. Beygul I.O.The influence of sports activities for personality of judoist 2014.-N12.7
3. Bodrenkova I.A.Features of development of coordination abilities features of athletes in sports aerobics in initial training 2014.-N12.13
4. Burla Artem A., Burla Anton A., Kudrenko A.I., Liannyi M.O.Physical training of young biathletes in step preliminary preparation 2014.-N12.18
5. Guo P., Diachenko A.U.Specific characteristics of physical fitness at work anaerobic endurance type of rowers in canoe 2014.-N12.26
6. Gres O.V.Healthsaving activity of comprehensive educational establishments' leaders as psychological and pedagogical problem 2014.-N12.31
7. Zheleznuy O.D., Zasik G.B., Mukhin V.M., Grinchuk O.M.Correction of psycho-emotional state of athletes playing sports with the consequences of injuries of the lower extremities 2014.-N12.35
8. Kozina Zh.L., Sobko I.N., Kolomiec N.A., Jagiełło Władysław, Jagiełło Marina.Allocation algorithm for athletes group to form tactical tasks in game team sports using the methods of multivariate analysis (illustrated women Ukrainian team basketball with hearing impairments). 2014.-N12.40
9. Makarova Е. V., Vasylieva I. V.Algorithm of physical rehabilitation of athletes in polyclinic stage of treatment of osteochondrosis 2014.-N12.49
10. Popov A.N.The structure of physical fitness and its correlation analysis at young players aged 16-17 years at the stage of basic training 2014.-N12.54
11. Boraczyńska Sandra, Boraczyński Tomasz, Boraczyński Michał, Michels Anna.Dynamics of comprehensive physical fitness in artistic gymnasts aged 7-10 years 2014.-N12.58
12. Klimczyk Mariusz, Stec Martyna.The physical and motor development of 9-year-old children attending football classes in "football school for children" 2014.-N12.65
13. Lazarieva Olena, Cieślicka Mirosława, Stankiewicz Błaźej, Muszkieta Radosław, Prusik Krzysztof.The strategical frameworks of the physical rehabilitation in surgical treatment of the patients with low back pain 2014.-N12.70

Founders: Kharkov National Pedagogical University.
Editor-in-chief: Sergii Iermakov