CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2015, vol.1

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1. Bachinskaya N.V.Features of account and planning of training process of sportsmen pair-group acrobats taking into account sexual dimorphism (analysis of questionnaire these trainers of Ukraine) 2015.-N01.3
2. Boychuk R.I.Theoretical substantiation of programs of targeted development of coordination abilities of pupils in lessons of physical training with elements of sports games 2015.-N01.7
3. Vdovenko N.V., Ivanova А.М., Loshkarova I.A.Practical recommendations concerning prevention and correction of iron deficit in athletes 2015.-N01.12
4. Verkhovska M.V.Basics of programming exercises using health and fitness technology in physical education pupils of secondary schools 2015.-N01.17
5. Deyneko A.H.Formation of culture motor activity of pupils of 5-6 classes by means of basic gymnastics 2015.-N01.24
6. Yermakova T.S.Individualization of forming health culture in schoolchildren of Polish schools 2015.-N01.29
7. Karabanov Y.A.Professional applied physical training of future specialists of agricultural production 2015.-N01.34
8. Karapuzova N.D.Health saving technologies in the training of future primary school teachers 2015.-N01.39
9. Litvinenko Y.V., Sadowski Jerzy, Niznikowski Tomasz, Boloban V.N.Static-dynamic stability of the body gymnasts qualifications. 2015.-N01.46
10. Lukianova Yu.S.School health approach to teaching and learning of students 2015.-N01.52
11. Orlov A.A.Optimization of training load among weightlifters during pre-basic training 2015.-N01.57
12. Prytula A.L.Professional training of physical culture teachers for use in national martial arts career 2015.-N01.62
13. Tamozhanskaya A.V.Level of school anxiety of girls aged 12-13 years old with different kinds of postural 2015.-N01.68
14. Tyshchenko V.A.Features of the training process of handball players of higher qualification between rounds in the competitive period 2015.-N01.73
15. Zwolinska Danuta, Podstawski Robert, Nowosielska-Swadzba Danuta, Jendrysek Marek.Social support of mentally retarded persons 2015.-N01.73

Founders: Kharkov National Pedagogical University.
Editor-in-chief: Sergii Iermakov