CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2015, vol.2

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1. Andriichuk O.J., Kasarda O.Z.Influence of place of birth and gender on the health component of the quality of life of students 2015.-N2.3
2. Vaskov Y.V., Sizonenko I.E.The ways of implementing interactive methods in the educational process of students of higher educational institutions 2015.-N2.11
3. Dzhym V.Y.Comparative analysis of methods of training and dietary habits of skilled bodybuilders in the run-general preparatory stage 2015.-N2.16
4. Ermolaeva Y.S.Level of anxiety as one of the criteria of efficiency of emotional stability in sport dancing 2015.-N2.22
5. Zhelezniy O.D., Zasik G.B., Mukhin V.M., Skliarova N.O.Physiotherapy in the physical rehabilitation of patients with sequelae of injuries of the lower extremities in Zhitomir of rehabilitation facilities 2015.-N2.26
6. Ionova O.M.Salutogenetic approach to professional training of future teachers 2015.-N2.34
7. Levchenko V.A.Indexes of hemodynamics in a dosage of physical activity in girls against the background of low systolic blood pressure 2015.-N2.43
8. Mikhnov A.P.Effectiveness of competitive activity of high class hockey players accounting a level of their self-esteem 2015.-N2.47
9. Pichurin V.V.Coping strategies and psychological readiness of students for professional work 2015.-N2.53
10. Romanowska-Tolloczko Anna.Educational competences and emotional intelligence level of teachers 2015.-N2.60
11. Slavityak O.S.Features of influence of different modes of training on the dynamics of power performance bodybuilders on stage-specialized basic training 2015.-N2.64
12. Troyanovska M. N.Determining the level of a high school student qualities of coordination in the process by biathlon training stabilography 2015.-N2.70
13. Shamardin V.N., Khorkavyy B.V.Organizational structure of technical and tactical training of skilled goalkeepers in football 2015.-N2.75
14. Shchepotina N.Y.Model characteristics of competitive activity of different skilled female volleyball players 2015.-N2.80
15. Medynskyi S.V.Characteristic of professional preparation content of the USA most common majors of parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies division 2015.-N2.86

Founders: Kharkov National Pedagogical University.
Editor-in-chief: Sergii Iermakov