CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2015, no.3

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N PDF Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Vas'kov Y.V.Acmeological approach to physical education of students of secondary schools in the aspect of personality-oriented training 2015.-N3.3
2. Hnyp I.Ya.Assessment of functional status and quality of life of students after acute respiratory viral diseases 2015.-N3.10
3. Zaporozhanov V.A., Boraczynski Tomasz.Discussion on the concepts of "coordination" and "agility" in terms of physical education 2015.-N3.15
4. Kiprich S.В., Berinchik D.Y.Specific descriptions of functional providing of the special endurance of boxers 2015.-N3.20
5. Kozina Zh.L., Prusik Krzysztof, Prusik Katarzyna.The concept of individual approach in sport 2015.-N3.28
6. Оlchovik A. V.Physical development and physical preparedness of students of special medical group with the disease of vegetative-vascular dystonia of mixed type 2015.-N3.38
7. Pichurin V.V.Psychological and psycho-physical training as a factor of personal anxiety at students 2015.-N3.46
8. Samonenko S.B.The dynamics of the focal qualities in girls aged 10-15 years 2015.-N3.52
9. Stetsenko A.I., Arhipenko V.A. Special aspects of motivation of the structural subdivisions of the state emergency service of Ukraine in terms of physical self-culture 2015.-N3.58
10. Tropin Y.N., Pashkov I.N.Features of competitive activity of highly qualified Greco-Roman style wrestler of different manner of conducting a duel 2015.-N3.64
11. Vasilios Giovanis, Eriketti Margari.The evolution of the winter Paralympic games and sports 2015.-N3.69
12. Nowosielska-Swadzba Danuta, Zwolinska Danuta, Jendrysek Marek, Podstawski Robert.Physical activity as a health factor modifying heart rate variability (HRV) 2015.-N3.80

Founders: Kharkov National Pedagogical University.
Editor-in-chief: Sergii Iermakov