The effect of Zumba exercises on body composition, dynamic balance and functional fitness parameters in 15-17 years old women with high body mass index

Keywords: zumba, dynamic balance, FMS, body fat, high BMI


Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the changes in body composition-dynamic balance and functional movement capacity of 60 female high school students with body mass index (BMI) over 24.9 before and after the eight-week zumba exercise program. Material: The study included 60 volunteer healthy young women whose body mass index was higher than 24.9 (mean age: 16.75 ± 0.43 years, mean weight: 75.99±10.91 kg, mean body fat: 36.83 ± 6.1%, BMI: 29.56 ± 4.12). The portable stadiometer Seca-213 was used to determine the lengths of the study group. TANITA-Bc 545 N Innerscan Segmental Body Composition Analyzer, “Y-Balance Test was implemented to determine the dynamic balance values for the lower and upper extremities, Functional Movement Screen (FMS) test was used to determine functional movement capacity. To determine the number of heart beats during zumba exercises, Polar M430 Heart Rate Monitor was used and a total of 24 zumba exercise sessions were conducted from three days a week for eight weeks. Results: According to the findings of the study, during the 8-week zumba training program, it is seen that it provided statistically significant improvement in total body weight loss (p=.000), BMI parameter (p=.000), body fat % (p=.002), FMS values (p=.000) and lower an upper extremity dynamic balance parameters (p=.000). Conclusions: It was found that the eight-week zumba training program had positive effects body composition values, functional mobility assessment results and dynamic balance parameters of high school students with a high body mass index of 15-17 years of age.


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Author Biographies

I. Eroğlu Kolayiş, Sakarya Applied Science University; Sakarya, Turkey
P. Arol, Adapazarı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School; Sakarya, Turkey


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