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Pedagogy of Physical Culture and Sports, 2022, 26(5), October

1. Fariba H. Abadi, Nur Halimatulsa’adiah A. Tiis, Fairus F. Zainuddin, Wallapa Choeibuakaew, Gunathevan Elumalai, Mohansundar Sankaravel, Saeid Motevalli The impact of combination of core stabilization exercise and walking on pain perception and low-back pain disability Malaysia Thailand PDF
2. Murat B. Apaydın, Metin Polat Changes in body composition and blood parameters in sedentary women during 12 weeks of complex exercises Turkey PDF
4. Fathin Nurul Ezzati Irwahand, Siti Musliha Mat-Rasid, Jeffrey Low Fok Lee, Gunathevan Elumalai, Mohd Izwan Shahril, Mohamad Azri Ismail Ahmad Perceived barriers to adopting information and communication technology in physical education Malaysia PDF
5. Noelva E. Montoya-Grisales, Alejandro Almonacid-Fierro, Dora I. Arroyave Giraldo, Karla B. Valdebenito González Design and validation of a questionnaire to assess the Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Colombian Physical Education students in the practicum Colombia Chile PDF
6. Nikola Radulović, Mila Vukadinović-Jurišić, Ratko Pavlović, Jelena Obradović, Ilona Mihajlović The effects of experimental program on the explosive strength of lower limbs in male adolescents Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF