CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.3

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1. Arhangorods'kii Z.S., Vostroknutov L.D., Eremenko V.V., Eremenko V.M.Proper Legal Regulation of Teaching Activity in Range of Physical Training and Sports, as One of Priority Directions on Revitalization of Health of the Nations 2009.-N3.3
2. Afanasyev V.V., Grishko L.G., Pelipejko O.P., Scherbachenko V.K.The Water - its Meaning and General Contents in Organism of Students 2009.-N3.5
3. Afanasyev V.V., Grishko L.G., Pelipejko O.P., Scherbachenko V.K.The Weight of Students' Body: as Far as it is Ideal? 2009.-N3.8
4. Balamutova N.M., Sheyko L.V, Olejnikov I.P.Peculiarities of Reasons For Choosing Specialization Swimming at the Physical Training Lessons by Students of the Humanitarian Higher Educational Establishment 2009.-N3.11
5. Barybina L., Kozina G., Tikhenko V., Tolstobrov A.Informative Providing of Determination of Individual Psychological Capabilities of Students of Technical Institute of Higher 2009.-N3.14
6. Beketova Y.V.Features of Effect of Music on Children with the Special Needs 2009.-N3.19
7. Bugerya T.N.Analysis of a State of Realization of Interobject Communications During Learning to Professionally Oriented Disciplines at Preparation of the Future Experts 2009.-N3.22
8. Vasylchuk A.H.Formation of the Second Level of Physical, Technical and Theoretical Preparation on Football of Comprehensive Schools 2009.-N3.25
9. Volovik N.I.The Formation of Static Balance Skill of Four and Five-Year-Old Children with Functional Visual Impairment 2009.-N3.28
10. Ganchar A.I.Features of Dynamics of Gender Differences of Swimmers' Results on the Summer Championship of Ukraine, Eupatoria - 2008 2009.-N3.32
11. Gutsan T.G.Aspects of Improvement of Professional Preparation of a Future Economy Teacher to Work at the Profile School 2009.-N3.37
12. Dutchak M.Preparation of Specialists on a Management Sport for all in Foreign Countries 2009.-N3.43
13. Yemshanova Y.A.Style Self-Regulation Peculiarities of Tennis Players who are on the Specialized Base Training Stage 2009.-N3.49
14. Zinchenko I.A.Features of Construction of Training Process of Sportsmen in Cheerleading at the Stage of Specialized Base Preparation 2009.-N3.52
15. Izbash S.S., Buturlina Y.O.The Administrative Support of the Professional Teachers Advance 2009.-N3.56
16. Kshishtof Kaganek, Tadeush Ambrozhi.Functions of Tourism of People with Circumscribed Possibilities with Allowance for Such as their Physical Limitation 2009.-N3.59
17. Kovalenko O.P., Zakharina Y.A.The 'Forchecking' System Affect on Adaptation Processes Formation in Preparing Technical-Tactical Guarding of Highly Qualified Basketball Players 2009.-N3.65
18. Kozhevnikova L.K.Frame of Forming of an Able-Bodied Mode of Life of State-of-the-Art Student's Youth 2009.-N3.69
19. Klopov R.V.E-Textbooks in Further Physical Education in Ukraine 2009.-N3.71
20. Kompaniets Y.A.Informative Provision of Forming the Healthy Lifestyle as the Valued Orientation 2009.-N3.75
21. Krasyuk F.M., Lobach O.V., Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.Development of Dexterity of Technical Lyceum Pupils 2009.-N3.80
22. Kryshtak I.V.Principles of Law Education of Cadets of Higher Educational Establishments of the Ministry of Internal Armed Forces of Ukraine 2009.-N3.82
23. Kulik I.G, Kudrasova T.I.Ukrainian Folk Games as Method of Achieving Physical Perfection of Student 2009.-N3.85
24. Litovchenko G.O., Tkachenko S.V., Sharyj V.P., Tkach N.M., Solomko O.A.Fulfilment of Control Specifications on Persistence and Force as a Means of Increase of Motivation of Youth to Occupations by Physical Training 2009.-N3.87
25. Luparenko S.E.The Structure of a Lesson at Primary Waldorf School 2009.-N3.90
26. Lyapin V.P., Yakovlyeva K.V., Mamaeva E.V.Possibilities of Protective Treatment Addictive Behaviours Among Youth and Youth 2009.-N3.93
27. Matvienko I.N., Kozytskaya A.P., Pshenichaya L.P., Buleychenko O.V.Methodic of Realization of Generally Used Exercises Connected with their Influence on State of Health of Students of Special Medical Group Cardiovascular Pathology 2009.-N3.96
28. Mashtakova V.A.The Activity of Education Institutions as the Centers of the Social Education in Kharkov in XIX - XX Century 2009.-N3.99
29. Medvedeva I.M., Zaval'nyuk E.V.Scientifically-Methodical Provision of Preparation of the Future Experts of Complex Coordination Sorts of Sports 2009.-N3.103
30. Mokryak A.G.The Features of Elderly People'S Socialization in the Conditions of Informative Society: Sociopedagogical Aspect 2009.-N3.109
31. Mosab S.H. Amoudi.Results of Introduction of Complex Physical Rehabilitation of Patients after the Surgical Medical Treatment of Gonartrosis 2009.-N3.112
32. Musiyenko O.V., Krapivina K.O., Pavlyshyn O.F., Kozak I.V., Savka I.V.Changes in Level of Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxydant System Enzymes Activity on Annual Cycle of Conditional Training 2009.-N3.119
33. Pavlenko V.I.The Scientifically Research and Provement of Organizational and Scientific - Methodical Work Stages 2009.-N3.124
34. Pylypko V.F., Yeromenko V.М., Yeromenko V.V., Proskurnin A.V., Kovalyov I.N.Structure of Physical Fitness and Morphological Capacity of Kikboksings Depending on Weight Categories 2009.-N3.129
35. Poltoratskaya V.V., Kadaner O.V.Monitoring and Estimation of Educational Reachings of Students in Conditions of a Modular Rating System of Learning 2009.-N3.133
36. Prima R.N.Some Innovative Approaches Concerning Formation of Professionally Mobile Teacher by Means of on-Line Learning In High Schools 2009.-N3.136
37. Prikhoda I.V., Tereschenko M.M.The Therapy of Amlodipin on Treatment in Patients with Dyscirculatory Encephalopathy 2009.-N3.139
38. Smolyanyuk N.M.The Organizational Forms and the Methods of Teaching Natural Science at Ukrainian Primary School 2009.-N3.142
39. Stas'uk R.M., Vostoskia I.F., Osipova I.L.Problems and Ways the Increasing of Effectiveness of Physical Training in the University 2009.-N3.146
40. Fokshek A.V.Formation of Readiness of the Future Pedagogue for Management of Pedagogical Process 2009.-N3.149
41. Fomenko L.A.Adaptive Potential at Sprinters at Exercise Stresses 2009.-N3.151
42. Futornyi S.M.Principles of Pharmacological Therapy Regulating Immunodefence in State-of-the-Art Sports Medicine 2009.-N3.154
43. Chubenko Y.A.Biomechanical Models of Straightaway Running Technique of Highly Skilled Speed Skaters in Middle Distance 2009.-N3.158
44. Shilina A.A., Nechitaylo V.S.The Influence of Family Solidarity and Adaptation on Doctors-Surgeons' Stereotype of Emotional Behavior 2009.-N3.161
45. Shcherbina V.K.Personal And Professional Development of a Future Teacher of Economics: Problems and Possibilities of their Solving by Means of Interactive Education 2009.-N3.164

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.