CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.3

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Babiy V.G.Influence of systematic studies in large tennis on the level of physical capacity and functional state of organism of boys and girls 12-14 years 2010.-N3.3
2. Bielicova N.O.Basic aspects of professional training of future specialists in physical rehabilitation in Poland 2010.-N3.7
3. Bondarenko V.V.Components of success implementation of protective actions at attack of opponent armed by plain weapon 2010.-N3.11
4. Wang Xue Man.The ratio of population to certain aspects of sports and recreational activities 2010.-N3.14
5. Gats G.O.The methodology of diagnostic competence formation of future physical training teachers 2010.-N3.18
6. Grechuha S.V., Bezkopylny O.O., Kovalenko S.O.The effect of additional resistance of air flow on the functioning parameters of the highly qualified rowers' outer respiration 2010.-N3.21
7. Yezersky V. I.Assessment of physical education model in summer health-improving camp, aimed at cultivating interest to physical exercises in teenagers 2010.-N3.25
8. Zavalnuk V.D.Organizational-methodical aspects of perfection the modern system of ice-hockey 2010.-N3.28
9. Klymenko A.I.Coordinating abilities in structure of special preparation of combat athletes 2010.-N3.33
10. Kravchuk Y.I.Physical development of primary class students with different level of educational achievements 2010.-N3.36
11. Kurylyuk S.I., Fotuyma O.Ya.The efficiency of the psychological training in the system of training of young judoists 2010.-N3.39
12. Liubieva V.A.The code system of record of technique-tactical actions of badminton players 2010.-N3.46
13. Maksimenko I.G.The second stage of long-term training in team games: experimental assessment of traditional training system 2010.-N3.49
14. Osadchiy V.V.Information and communication technologies in the training of masters - the future teachers 2010.-N3.52
15. Ostrovsky M.V., Chaplinsky M.M., Polehoyko M.B., Maksymova N.V., Dunec-Lesko A.V.Development of power qualities of skilled water-polo players 2010.-N3.56
16. Perepletchikov D.A.Methods for diagnosing the level of preparedness of future specialists of physical education and sports unto the organization labour staff of youth sports school 2010.-N3.63
17. Pechko O.M.Active methods of teaching in the system of preparation of specialists on physical education 2010.-N3.67
18. Romanchuk А.P., Grechko O.D., Perevoschikov Yu.A.Autonomic adjusting of activity of cardio-vessel system of girls of the prepubescence period, engaged in dancing aerobic 2010.-N3.71
19. Serhiyenko L.P., Lyshevskaya V.H.Methods of Sports Genetics: toe and plantar dermatoglyphic analysis (information 3) 2010.-N3.75
20. Serduyk D.G., Chernenko A.E., Gubrienko A.A.Some aspects of management of a command in handball 2010.-N3.79
21. Sychov S.O.Pedagogic conditions of students to the physical culture value at the obligatory lessons 2010.-N3.82
22. Sokolova O.V.Use of the dosed physical loadings in the increase of physical health and functional state of the cardiorespiratory system of organism of students 18-19 years 2010.-N3.86
23. Stas'uk R.M., Vostozka I.F., Osipova I.L.The influence of physical education on harmonious development of personality 2010.-N3.89
24. Stepanyuk S., Lomaka Z., Bazhanova V.Features of activity of persons with the lacks of mental development in Kherson separation of invasport 2010.-N3.92
25. Tavalbekh A.Strategies of transformation of libraries informational technological basis 2010.-N3.95
26. Tavalbekh Serkhan Ali. Multimedia technologies in university libraries: opportunities and tasks 2010.-N3.98
27. Tershak N.N.Autonomic dysbalancy correction in patients with the metabolic syndrome with the physical rehabilitation methods 2010.-N3.101
28. Tymoshenko O.V.Organization of educational process of future specialists of physical training and sport on the basis of integrated courses 2010.-N3.105
29. Timoshchenko E.V.The operative diagnostics to adaptation heart to physical load on the base of artificial neuron networks 2010.-N3.110
30. Topylko N.J.Features of influence of inservice training on a physical condition and health of pupils of vocational training 2010.-N3.113
31. Tymanski R., Smulskij V.,Hucinski T.Somatic characteristics and efficiency of technical-tactical actions of basketball players at the stage of special basic preparation 2010.-N3.117
32. Usychenko V.V., Byshevets N.G.Analysis of technologies databases use in physical education and sport 2010.-N3.121
33. Kharchenko T.P.Analysis of results of introduction of experimental method of complex development of motive qualities and mastering of elements of technique of figure-skating of young figure skaters 7-9 years 2010.-N3.124
34. Khimich I.J.Physical-sports activity of student's youth and factors defining it 2010.-N3.127
35. Holodnyy A.I.The Attitude schoolboy Kramatorsk city to bad habit 2010.-N3.130
36. Khomko I.G.System approach to professionally-orientation work with applicants of higher educational establishments of athletic type in Ukraine 2010.-N3.134
37. Khoroshukha M.F.The question under consideration is the ways of determining the physical working capacity of juvenile sportsmen in the conditions of sport training (on the example of running test) on the basis of conducting single submaximal loading 2010.-N3.138
38. Khokhlova L.A.The ratio of students to certain aspects of the distribution of educational material on physical training between subjects of the school curriculum 2010.-N3.142
39. Chernenko E., Gureeva A.Influence of employment by various kinds of improving aerobics on a level of physical readiness of girls of 18-20 years 2010.-N3.145
40. Yavorskaya T.The peculiarities of prognosticating the athletic effectiveness as a factor of stepping up the potency of a training process 2010.-N3.148
41. Vysochina N.The influence of self-esteem on the emotional state of an athlete as personality 2010.-N3.151

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.