CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.8

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1.Bobrovnik V.I., Krivoruchenko O.V.Features of physical preparedness of skilled sportsmen which are specialized in jumps disciplines of track-and-field.2010.-N8.3
2.Boychuk R.I.Structure and maintenance of the program of development of coordination capabilities of juvenile volleyball players at a stage of initial preparation.2010.-N8.8
3.Briskin Yu.A., Pitуn M.P., Antonov S.V.A dynamics of the trainings loadings of highly skilled shooters from a bow in precompetytion middle cycle2010.-N8.12
4.Budagjans G.N.Health of senior pupils and their dependence on an external environment2010.-N8.15
5.Vovk V. M.Рroblems of modeling of the physical education pupil and student youth2010.-N8.18
6.Galenko T.P.Values as forming basis for the senior teenagers of attitude toward an own health2010.-N8.22
7.Gonshovsky V.М.The structure of changing of physical preparedness of the future rescue workers with different somatotypes at the stages of studying at the higher military educational institution2010.-N8.25
8.Dulibskyy A.V.Improving efficacy of sport selection in football2010.-N8.29
9.Zagura F.I., Lesko O.M.., Kozibroda L.V.Effect of exercises on system Pilates on psychoemotional statuses of women of the first age of maturity2010.-N8.34
10.Ivchatova T.V.Correction of violations of bearing of women of the first age of maturity during exercises by improving fitness2010.-N8.37
11.Kirko G.O.Definition of a urgency of conducting healthy life style by students2010.-N8.41
12.Korjagin V.M., Golovjatinskaja S.M., Tsevh L.P., Blavt O. Z.Determining of a role of the teacher of physical training in making up of consciousness of students of special medical groups of higher educational establishments2010.-N8.44
13.Lee Bo.Shaping to directivities of the burn-in process on the grounds of estimations function of the aerobic metabolism skilled in sport dance2010.-N8.50
14.Lisak V.N.Estimation of effect of physical training on forming personal qualities2010.-N8.53
15.Marchenko O.U.Influence of going in for sport on students of different groups self-evaluation2010.-N8.56
16.Michuda Y.P., Youssef Youssef Ali.Ways of perfection of socio-economic bases of development of physical culture and sport in Republic Lebanon2010.-N8.61
17.Nikolaychuk I. YU., Andreeva V. V., Lyapin V. P., Mamaeva E. V.Effect of creative activity on forming of spiritual - physical qualities of the personality2010.-N8.65
18.Omelchuk O.V.Individually - oriented marching during study of natural-science disciplines - a basis of forming professional competence of the future teacher of physical training2010.-N8.68
19.Polshuk V.D., Oleshko V.G., Lutovinov Y.A. Use of training means by track-and-field athletes and power sportsmen in preparatory training period2010.-N8.71
20.Poproshaev A.V., Zinchenko S.G., Carataeva D.A., Fishev S.A.Normative-juriditial aspects of forming educational subject "physical education" in high-educational institutes of Ukraine2010.-N8.74
21.Sidorchenko E.N.Paying somatotype of schoolchildren at improvement of their health in the process of physical education2010.-N8.77
22.Sidorchenko E.N.State of health and roads of his improving at children of school age in special medical groups2010.-N8.80
23.Sikura A.J.Presents the short analisis of wavy oscillations, principle of conduction the electric impulse in nervous system2010.-N8.83
24.Tarabrina N.Yu.Health correction of bodily condition of students with functional violations neck-thoracal to the department of spine2010.-N8.86
25.Titovich A.O.Dependence of outcomes of executing of sports exercises on mental condition of students which go in for sports2010.-N8.90
26.Trotsenko V.V.Influence of motive activity on forming proof skills of healthy life style of students of higher educational establishments2010.-N8.93
27.Tupeev Y.V., Boyko V.F.Efficiency increasing of training process on basic technique of wrestler's motor actions in free style at the initial stage with using of computer technologies2010.-N8.96
28.Chodinow W.N.Effects of adaptive organism which are characterised by the changes in blood circulation and respirations under the impact of physical activities using a wide variety of activating factors2010.-N8.101
29.Hotienko S.V., Azanova T.D.Comprehension students of dependence of an individual state of health from factors of a social medium2010.-N8.109
30.Chychkan O.A., Chehonyuk O.Indicators of competitive activity of the oarswomen on kayaks at the Olympic distance2010.-N8.112
31.Shapran O.I.Organization of innovative education at secondary educational institutions2010.-N8.115
32.Kusmierczyk P., Boloban W., Szyper M.Optimizing network model which presents correlation of basic exercises used to teach in jump acrobats tumbling2010.-N8.119

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.