CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.9

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1. Apshay N.I. Intellectualization of educational process in higher educational establishments in the conditions of development of informatization 2010.-N9.3
2. Balatska L.V. The improvement of the psycho-physical condition of the senior pre-school children with taking into consideration peculiarities of their motor asymmetry as a pedagogical problem 2010.-N9.6
3. Bibik R.V, Goncharova N.N., Habinets T.A. Motivation structure of women in the first mature age to physical culture-improving activity 2010.-N9.9
4. Bitko S.M., Mokhun'ko A.D. The research of functional state of the systems of providing of motion for footballers on the preparatory stage 2010.-N9.12
5. Bondar T.V. Clinical-physiological ground of application of medical physical culture in the rehabilitation of patients ulcerous illness of stomach and duodenum 2010.-N9.16
6. Voronyanskaya L.K., Evsyutina V.B. Physical rehabilitation of patients by a neck osteochondrosis 2010.-N9.19
7. Ganchar A.I. Results of an estimation of the generalized gender differences of results of performance of the strongest swimmers at prestigious competitions 2010.-N9.22
8. Glushchenko N.V., Malikov N.V. Correction the functional state of students of 19-20 years old by facilities of the standard training (on the example of swimming) 2010.-N9.26
9. Ivchatova T.V. Information technologies in physical education of student young people 2010.-N9.30
10. Kachurovs'kyy D.O. Sport swimming characteristics in the light of ideas and principles of modern classifications of sports 2010.-N9.33
11. Konovalov V.V. Research of efficiency of introduction structural functional case of the system of physical preparation of servicemen of service safety of Ukraine frame 2010.-N9.38
12. Lee Bo. Change urgent adaptation reaction cardiorespiratory system under the influence of experimental program of the training means in sport dance 2010.-N9.42
13. Loshytska T.I. The analysis of efficiency of a method of testing in educational process on sports-oriented to disciplines 2010.-N9.46
14. Loshytska T.I. Results of an estimation of an integrated component of health of students 2010.-N9.50
15. Lukjanchenko M.I. Antialcoholic propaganda as essential part of the formation of health life in the beginning of XX century: historic and pedagogical analyses 2010.-N9.53
16. Marchenko A.U. . The influence of special motor activity on the formation of individual physical culture of students values 2010.-N9.57
17. Nikolskiy A.U. The differentiated approach in forming swimming abilities and skills of students 2010.-N9.64
18. Popov S.V. Integration competent approach to the evaluation of quality of teaching the students of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Higher Educational stablishment of Ukraine. 2010.-N9.67
19. Rovnaya O.A., Ilyin V.N. Features of adaptive reactions of system of breath highly skilled sportswomen synchronous swimming during interval hypoxical trainings (IHT) 2010.-N9.71
20. Rovniy A.S., Buren' N.V. Dynamics of functional state of sensory visual system of technical specialties students during educational day 2010.-N9.76
21. Saienko V.G., Michelman S.V. Optimum parity of volumes of training loadings in the one-cyclic experimental period of preparation taekwondo athletes high qualification 2010.-N9.81
22. Sidorova T.V. The method of speed-up teaching the technique of ski sport of students of the second course of higher sport institute 2010.-N9.85
23. Sidorchenko E.N. The category of "health": the main concepts and methods of evaluation in physical education in comprehensive educational establishments 2010.-N9.90
24. Stech M., Skrobecki J., Ojechows'ka M. Evaluation of the body bearing of high performance female volleyball players 2010.-N9.93
25. maschuk V.S., Ilyin V.M., Muhilvich .. Evaluation of sensory component of psycho-physiological state qualified fighters in the dynamics of accruing efficiency 2010.-N9.99
26. Trubavina I.N. Problems and ways of preparation of future teachers to work in child's health camps 2010.-N9.102
27. Fabro I.N. Rehabilitation pedagogics: etymology of concept and genesis scientifically-pedagogical directions 2010.-N9.105
28. Shapran O.I., Shapran Y.P. Creation of innovational educational environment in the process of future teacher's professional training 2010.-N9.108
29. Yukhymuk V., Vaceba O.M., Gercyk M. To conceptual interpretation of terms "Olympic education" and "Olympic education" 2010.-N9.111
30. Prusik K., Zaporozhanov V.A., Prusik K., Gorner K. The influence of a form of physical activity nordic walking on the life's quality of people in the 60-70 years age bracket 2010.-N9.115

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.