CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.5

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1. Bilichenko E.A.Peculiarities of students' motivation to the physical education 2011.-N5.3
2. Bochkova N.L. Estimation of informing of method of regulation of physical loads on results a two-stage veloergometric test at persons with different character and degree of expressed of cardiovascular diseases risk's factors 2011.-N5.6
3. Bochkova N.L. The way to regulate exercise on the results of two-stage bicycle stress test in patients with different character and severity of risk factors for cardiovascular disease 2011.-N5.9
4. Grigus I.M., Prusik Kr., Prusik K., Hagner-Derengowska M. Methodological foundations for physical rehabilitation of patients on intermittent asthma 2011.-N5.12
5. Dragnev Y.V. Professional progress of future teacher of physical culture trends with the use of information technologies in professional preparation 2011.-N5.29
6. Ivchatova T.V. Information technologies in physical education of students 2011.-N5.32
7. Kazakov D.A. Dependence of success in playing activity of volley-ballers from psychological climate in command 2011.-N5.34
8. Kobelyev S.Y. Development prospects for physical therapy in health care of Ukraine 2011.-N5.39
9. Koshelewa E.A, Boyko L.S. educational establishments studentsMethodical bases of the use of facilities of physical education for correction of build parameters of higher 2011.-N5.43
10. Lukovs'ka O.L., Sologubova S.V. Factors of the morphological functional state of organism of women of the first mature age, meaningful for the construction of the standard training 2011.-N5.46
11. Lukyanova Ju.S. Criteria and indexes of readiness formation of the future engineer-teacher to use healthsaving technologies 2011.-N5.51
12. Marakushyn A.I., Popov F. I., Kutshevol R.V. An analysis of military men training experience to hand-to-hand combat in the foreign countries 2011.-N5.55
13. Mikitin L.M. The influence of the authorial program on indexes of physical development of overweight senior pupils in mountain schools of the Carpathian region 2011.-N5.59
14. Mitzkan B.M., Potashnyouk I.V. The physical state of senior pupils of gymnasium 2011.-N5.63
15. Mischenko O.O. Optimization of cooperation modern public child-youth organizations and schools in the national-patriotic education by means of physical culture 2011.-N5.68
16. Olhova-Marchuk N.V. Realization of educational discipline "Physical culture" in formation of positive relations of children 2011.-N5.72
17. Rybalko P.F. The research of teenager's physical development level in summer health tent camps 2011.-N5.75
18. Roshchin I.G. The preparedness assessment of highly qualified female air-pistol shooters 2011.-N5.79
19. Syshko D.V., Savina K.D. Mechanics of heart work in the conditions of loss equilibrium 2011.-N5.83
20. Sovenko S.P. Age limits of jumpers at the stage of preserving the highest sports skill are substantiated in article 2011.-N5.86
21. Turchina N.I. Models of organizational-pedagogical terms of physical education of students of I-IV of courses 2011.-N5.90
22. Fedorenko E.O. Correlation of priority lines of personality with the level of motivation of schoolboys to the specially organized motive activity, depending on the type of educational establishment 2011.-N5.94
23. Futornyі S.М. Health of students and the role of physical education in its provision 2011.-N5.98
24. Hotienko S.V., Vovk A.V, Azanova-Frolova T.D. The anatomic and physiologic parameters and evaluation of physical training of students 2011.-N5.103
25. Tsyganenko O.I. The concept of system of an improving (functional) food in fitness 2011.-N5.107
26. Chernozub A.A. There is the content of lactate dehydrogenase in youth blood with the various levels of physical training during the athleticism training 2011.-N5.111
27. Shamych O.N. The psychological background of the development of civil activity of younger teenagers 2011.-N5.115
28. Yaremenko V.V., Malinskiy I.Y., Kolos N.A., Shandrygos V.I. Use of elements of single combats in physical training of student's youth 2011.-N5.121
29. Souhail Hermassi, Mourad Fadhloun, Mohamed Souhail Chelly, Abdelkrim B. Relationship between agility T-test and physical fitness measures as indicators of performance in elite adolescent handball players 2011.-N5.125

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