CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.2

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1. Artyushenko O.F., Zuyenko N.І., Artyushenko А.O.Features of displaying speed and power capabilities of girls aged 10 years with different level of physical development 2013.-N02.3
2. Babenko V.G.Social management in the system of physical education and sports of employees of internal affairs of Ukraine 2013.-N02.7
3. Drozdovska S.B.Using the molecular genetics methods for studying the peculiarities of muscle activity and inherited predisposition in the sport 2013.-N02.11
4. Dutchak M.V., Vasilenko M. N.The theoretical substantiation of fitness trainer's qualifying characteristics 2013.-N02.17
5. Efimenko N.N.Methodological phenomenon of relaxation and tension in the motor rehabilitation of children 2013.-N02.22
6. Kowalewskyy S. V., Kosheva L. V.Management by the process of forming of personality qualities of students 2013.-N02.28
7. Kozhanova O.S.Compatibility of sportswomen at a selection in commands on group exercises of calisthenics taking into account their technical and special physical preparedness 2013.-N02.34
8. Kudelko V.E., Ulayeva L.O., Kravchenko O.S.Identification of the impact of using sports games' elements on the development of motoric qualities in students of exercise therapy group 2013.-N02.38
9. Mikheenko О.І.Concretization of essence of the concept "health" as a methodological basis for the practice of healing the human body 2013.-N02.42
10. Ostrovs'kij M.V., Poproshaiev O.V., Chaplins'kij M.M., Sidorko O.J.Speed and power preparation of qualified water polo players 2013.-N02.47
11. Penzie S. A.Physical state of the second mature age men working as teachers of higher educational establishments 2013.-N02.52
12. Pilipej L. P.Theoretical and methodological foundation of the process of students' physical training of higher educational institutions 2013.-N02.56
13. Proskurov E.M.The comparative characteristic of influence of unitary static and dynamic efforts with own weight of a body on parameters variational pulse rate at the boys aged 10 - 11 years 2013.-N02.61
14. Serhiyenko L.P., Lyshevska V.M.A dermatoglyphics of foot in the prognosis of sporting gift: differential distinctions of dermatoglyphics of foot for sportsmen and people which do not go in for sports 2013.-N02.66
15. Sovenko S. P., Kolot A. V.Structure and maintenance of long-term preparation of jumpers in length and triple 2013.-N02.70
16. Strikalenko E.A.A traumatism is in a womanish handball 2013.-N02.75
17. Sishko D. V.Effects of electric paravertebral muscle relaxation processes in the athletes heart 2013.-N02.79
18. Tyshchenko V. A.Analysis of competitive activity of qualified handball players 2013.-N02.84
19. Khristova T.E.Motor function recovery of people of mature years after stroke by means of physical rehabilitation 2013.-N02.87
20. Grzegorz Bielec, Wojciech Saklak.Swimming classes in junior high school students' opinion 2013.-N02.92
21. Leite W.Biomechanical analysis of running in the high jump 2013.-N02.99
22. Roba Yadollahzadeh, Mir Mohammad Kashef, Hasan Mohamadzadeh, Mehrdad Hefzollesan.Evaluation of strategic management fields culture, capability, information and human resources of youth and sport offices of west azerbaijan province 2013.-N02.106

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