CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.4

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1. Voropay S.M., Sukachov O.V.Comparative characteristics of the state of the motor function of boys and girls aged 4-5 years 2013.-N04.3
2. Glazunov S.I.Ways to improve the methodical competence of teachers of physical education and special training 2013.-N04.8
3. Zaytsev V.P., Manucharjan S.V., Prusik Kr., Prusik K., Cieślicka M., Szark-Eckardt M.Methodology of physical recreation: problems, experience, recommendations 2013.-N04.13
4. Zaporozhanov V.A.About reliable indicator of proprioception in agility control. 2013.-N04.21
5. Kalmykov S.A., Kalmykova Yu.S.Features of the reaction of the cardiovascular system to physical exercise in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis 2013.-N04.26
6. Kramida I.E.Dynamics of personal development on healthy students 2013.-N04.30
7. Kramida I. E.Training workshop on the basis of gymnastic qigoing as a factor of personal development of students with poor health 2013.-N04.35
8. Maksimovskaya N.A.Integration of physical and spiritual recreation of youth in the socio-educational animation 2013.-N04.41
9. Matyash V.V.Method of technical training of football players during pre-basic training 2013.-N04.47
10. Mukhamediarov N.N.Technology of forming a positive attitude to physical training students of special medical group 2013.-N04.52
11. Perederiy A.V.Competition in the training of the athletes of Special Olympics 2013.-N04.55
12. Sereda N.V.Analysis of an application degree of marketing in organization and management activity of youth sports schools 2013.-N04.60
13. Tkachenko S.V.Factor analysis of the most informative parameters affecting the efficiency of training wrestling students of physical education 2013.-N04.65
14. Podstawski Robert, Górnik Katarzyna, Kolankowska Ewelina, Boraczyński Michał, Boraczyńska Sandra. Health attitudes of the female students from Olsztyn, Poland - the physical activity, addictions and the knowledge about health behaviors 2013.-N04.73
15. Rafał Grad.Pro-health behaviours and belief in oneself among 13-15-year old teenagers living in Biała Podlaska 2013.-N04.83
16. Shruti Pandey, Vasudeva Singh.Nutrional needs of athletes 2013.-N04.88

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