CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.6

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1. Balitskaya E.P.Students' motivation to fitness classes at technical university 2013.-N6.3
2. Batieieva N.P.Analysis of competition program "Аcrobatics" of skilled athletes in acrobatic rock'n'roll 2013.-N6.7
3. Belykh S. I.Examination of the concept and implementation of the programs individually oriented physical education students 2013.-N6.13
4. Blavt O.Z.Metrological assurance system control test in special medical groups in higher educational establishments 2013.-N6.20
5. Glazyrin I.D., Artemenko B.A.Contact psychophysiological and neural functions with technical and tactical readiness volleyball 2013.-N6.25
6. Mazin V.N.Characteristics of scientific approaches to the education of children and adolescents in youth sports schools 2013.-N6.30
7. Pryimakov O.O.Model characteristics of the structure physical training fighters qualifications 2013.-N6.36
8. Storozhik А.І.Characteristics of vertical stability of the body of hard hearing primary school children during physical education 2013.-N6.43
9. Taran I.V.Changing the main indicators to assess motor function in children with cerebral palsy spastic form by hydrokinesitherapy 2013.-N6.48
10. Filenko L.V., Filenko I.U., Martirosyan A.A.Research of indexes of physical development, physical preparedness and functional state of students aged 10-11 years under the influence of engagement in rugby-5 2013.-N6.53
11. Chopyk T.V.Classification of theoretical and methodological foundations of training future coaches 2013.-N6.59
12. Payam Mohamad-Panahi, Soran Aminiaghdam, Navid Lotfi and Khaidan Hatami. Effects of two different dosage of bcaa supplementation on serum indices of muscle damage and soreness in soccer players 2013.-N6.64
13. Podstawski Robert, Boraczynska Sandra, Skibniewska Krystyna, Kolankowska Ewelina.Can polish university female students swim? 2013.-N6.69
14. Romanowska-Tolloczko Anna.Psychosomatic consequences of teachers' ocuppational stress 2013.-N6.74

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