CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.2

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1. Andrieieva O.V., Sainchuk O.M.Approach to evaluating health level and adaptation possibilities in schoolchildren 2014.-N02.3
2. Bukova L.M., Gordienko I.A., Krovyakov V.F., Mironenko Y. I.Mastering the technique of taking a rebound on opponent's shield by basketball players of initial level of specialization 2014.-N02.9
3. Vodolazska T.V.Prospects of forming health-saving educational environment of elementary school 2014.-N02.15
4. Gruzhevsky V.A.Health as a value in the formation of student-centered motivation of students to physical education 2014.-N02.20
5. Ilnitskaya A.S. Kozina Zh.L., Korobejnik V.A., Cieślicka Mirosława, Stankiewicz Błażej, Pilewska Wiesława.The method of application of health systems Bodyflex and Pilates in physical education of students 2014.-N02.25
6. Kopchikova S.G.Individualization in swimming and a way of preparation for Olympic Games 2014.-N02.33
7. Kygaevskiy S.A.Direction for optimization of the training process in junior hockey 2014.-N02.37
8. Omelyanenko V.I.Complex integrated method of dynamic meditation with Buddhists' breathing in case of neurotic reactions 2014.-N02.42
9. Pylypenko O.V., Zakharov A.A., Sribniy K.A., Nikanorov A.K.Isometric exercises with elements postisometric relaxation to eliminate the knee joint contracture after arthroscopic plastics of anterior cruciate ligament 2014.-N02.48
10. Redkovets T.G., Romman Haytham J.M.Justification inclusion of physiotherapy and self-reflexotherapy program physical rehabilitation of adolescents with short-sightedness 2014.-N02.53
11. Tomenko O.A., Starchenko A.U.Changes of values parents' scholarship in physical culture under the influence of realization set of activities on optimization of physical education of elder preschoolers 2014.-N02.61
12. Payam Mohamad-Panahi, Hadi Rohani, Navid Lotfi.Hormonal response to different rest intervals during resistance training with light loads 2014.-N02.67
13. Romanowska-Tołłoczko Anna.Stressful situations in teaching profession - causes and consequences 2014.-N02.72

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