CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.4

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1. Bolyak A.A., Pomazan A.A.Parameters of effective competition activity and selection of young gymnasts in age 9-10 years 2014.-N04.3
2. Iermakova T.S.Development of the idea of forming health culture of a person in the world educational thought 2014.-N04.8
3. Ivanii I.V.Physical culture as a phenomenon of the development of socio-cultural competence of future teachers of physical education 2014.-N04.13
4. Klimenchenko V.G., Kriventsova I.V., Gorban' I.Iu., Makhonin I.M.Features of the procedure of joint exercises for physical education with students of basic and special medical groups 2014.-N04.18
5. Kudelko V.E., Kudelko A.M.Competitiveness of educational favour in the direction of the spesiality "Sport Management" in the educative market of Ukraine 2014.-N04.22
6. Omelchenko E.S.Organisational and methodological aspects of experimental training programs for athletes lightweights in academic rowing 2014.-N04.27
7. Ostapenko Y.O.Professionally significant psychophysiological qualities of information logical group of specialties at implementation of the experimental program of professionally applied physical training of students 2014.-N04.34
8. Pavlenko T.V.Gymnastics exercise in improving the performance of physical and functional condition of the development of students 2014.-N04.40
9. Rovnaya O.A., Podrigalo L.V., Iermakov S.S., Prusik Krzysztof, Cieślicka Mirosława.Morphological and functional features of synchronous swimming sportswomen of high qualification 2014.-N04.45
10. Serorez T.B.Possibilities of increasing the physical health status of students different modes of racing loads 2014.-N04.50
11. Sklyar M. S.Correlation analysis of indicators of physical and technical preparedness karate school age 2014.-N04.56
12. Fedinyak N.V.Effect of training on improving swimming biological age and capabilities of people aged 30-35 years 2014.-N04.63
13. Shcherbashyn I. S.Olympic education as a method of humanistic elevation of students 2014.-N04.68
14. Asghar Tofighi, Akram Ameghani, Ali Jamali, Bahram Jamali Qarakhanlou.Effect of short-term caffeine supplementation on stress response and immune system of male athletes 2014.-N04.74

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