CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.6

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1. Adashevskiy V.M., Iermakov S.S., Logvinenko Y.I., Cieślicka Mirosława, Stankiewicz Błaźej, Pilewska Wiesława.Individual athletes' biomechanical features of interaction with objects in art gymnastics 2014.-N06.3
2. Dubrevskiy Y.M.Qualitative and structural analysis of the managerial competency of future physical education and sport specialists 2014.-N06.11
3. Iermakova T.S.Peculiarities of forming health culture of pupils in Poland: historical aspect 2014.-N06.16
4. Kurmaeva E.V.Features of tennis methods of teaching 5-6 years old children in the initial stages 2014.-N06.21
5. Liu Yong QiangInterference of psychomotor and spatio-temporal parameters on the efficiency of motor actions involved in the eastern species physical culture 2014.-N06.26
6. Marakushin A.I., Piddubnyi A.G., Tsymbalyuk Z.A.Rational organization of training a group of physical rehabilitation on the initial stage of training in universities. 2014.-N06.31
7. Omelyanenko V.I.Express-method of sportsmen's psychological tune-up. 2014.-N06.37
8. Peleshenko I.N.Training-test module in the system of pedagogical control of physical fitness in lower grades 2014.-N06.42
9. Pochernina A.G., Pochernina M.G., Selivanov E.V.Peculiarities of endurance development for first year students 2014.-N06.48
10. Rudenko V.P.Main modern problems of doping in sport 2014.-N06.53
11. Serorez T.B., Navka P.I.Aerobic and anaerobic organism productivity as factors that determine the level of physical health 2014.-N06.58
12. Syvash I.S.The formation of young athletes' specialization on the example of rhythmic gymnastics group exercises 2014.-N06.63
13. Turchyk I.Kh.Theoretical foundations of forming value orientation of pupils by means of school sports abroad 2014.-N06.71
14. Chyzhyk V.V., Gordiychuk V.I.Influence of extracurricular physical training on motor preparedness of adolescents living in rural areas 2014.-N06.76
15. Lazarieva Elena, Kormiltsev Vladimir, Prusik Krzysztof, Cieślicka Mirosława.The construction of physical rehabilitation programs in the preoperative period for patients that will remove of intervertebral disc' prolapse in the lumbar spine. 2014.-N06.83
16. Podstawski Robert, Zwolińska Danuta, Borowska Klaudia, Boraczyński Michał, Omelan Aneta.Lifestyle and physical fitness in early school-age children. 2014.-N06.87

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