CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.7

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1. Berezka S.M. Pedagogical methods for assessing physical performance and functional training players amateur teams. 2014.-N07.3
2. Gurieieva A.M., Klopov R.V.Factor structure of physical state of female students of higher education institution 2014.-N07.7
3. Ivaschenko V.Р., Pustovalov V.О., Bezkopulnuy O.О., Suprunovich V.О., Grechukha S.V.On the problem of improving the physical abilities of the younger generation 2014.-N07.12
4. Kostyunin A.V.Determination of indexes of psychophysiology qualities for the students of universities of different courses that engage in futsal in the process of extracurricular work. 2014.-N07.18
5. Potop V.A., Grad Rafal, Omelyanchik O.A., Begajlo Marta, Boloban V.N.Element nodes of sports equipment double back flip factions and double back flip hunched performed gymnast in floor exercise. 2014.-N07.23
6. Fomenko E.V.Practical recommendations for the implementation of health technologies to enhance physical fitness of students in extracurricular classes during non-traditional gymnastics. 2014.-N07.31
7. Chopilko T.G.An investigation of individual functionality football referees of high qualification. 2014.-N07.37
8. Prystupa Tetyana.Impact of overheat on disabled swimmers' skeletal muscle stiffness. 2014.-N07.43
9. Źukowska Hanna, Szark-Eckardt Mirosława, Muszkieta Radosław, Iermakova Tetiana.Characteristics of body posture in the sagittal plane and fitness of first-form pupils from rural areas. 2014.-N07.50

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