CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.8

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1. Batieieva N.P.Optimization of the training process with skilled athletes acrobatic rock and roll in the annual preparation of macrocycles based on model characteristics. 2014.-N08.3
2. Kotelevskiy V.I.Psychodiagnostics in physical rehabilitation of students with spinal pathology 2014.-N08.9
3. Seidel Wojciech, Prystupa Tetyana, Fic Mirosław.Comparison and assessment of the participation of Polish swimmers at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London 2014.-N08.15
4. Khalajtsan A.P.Laying the foundations of a culture of health as a pedagogical problem 2014.-N08.22
5. Kharchenko G.D.Basic principles of renewal of sportsmen with myofascial by a pain syndrome taking into account the psychological aspect of their rehabilitation 2014.-N08.29
6. Jamshidi - far Saeed, Mirzeai Bahman, Damirchi Arsalan.Strength and conditioning practices of iran wrestling league strength and conditioning coaches 2014.-N08.34
7. Mrozkowiak Mirosław, Posłuszny Mariusz, Źukowska Hanna, Iermakov Sergii, Szark-Eckardt Mirosława.The correlations among the complex of spine-pelvis traits and the feet traits in boys aged 4 to 6 years 2014.-N08.46
8. Zahra Nili Ahmadabady, Rastegar Hoseini, Mahri Hoseini.A comparison mental health, physical symptoms, anxiety and sleeping disorders and disorders in social function among male and female athletes and non- athletes students 2014.-N08.51

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