Static-dynamic stability of the body gymnasts qualifications

Keywords: regulation posture


Purpose: evaluation of individual ways of postural control gymnasts skilled in solving problems on the stability of the body in the motor tests. Material : The study involved engaged in gymnastics (n = 9). The measurements were carried out on the platform stabilographic Kistler. Tests used: handstand, Biryuk sample, sample Romberg. Results: set individual ways microvibrations parts of the body and makrokolebany in the sagittal and frontal planes. Joined symmetry and asymmetry postural control of the body, the various indicators of energy expenditure. The quality of postural control in the performance of motor tests were deterministic complex conditions of body position on the support, limited visual orientation. Also corresponds to the test specificity of the sport. Conclusions : The method microvibrations in solving problems on the stability of the body in the motor tests gymnasts is the most strategically important for the effective development and management of a system of regulation poses athlete. Confirmation rates are economical expenditure of energy during motor tests.


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