Morphological and functional features of synchronous swimming sportswomen of high qualification




synchronous, swimming, morphofunctional, features


Purpose : the studying of morphological and functional features of synchronous swimming sportswomen of high qualification, establishing of the interrelation between anthropometrical characteristics and functional characteristics of the external respiration system. Material: the research involved 12 sportswomen aged 17-18 years. Results : it is shown exceeding physiometric indicators (vital capacity of lungs by 64%, carpal dynamometry 21-22%) in synchronous swimming sportswomen have been compared to the standards of physical development. External breathing parameters illustrated adaptation of the organism to the specific loads: an increase in tidal volume by 40%, elongation of the duration of the expiration by 62.5%. A correlation between vital capacity of lungs and inspiratory duration (r = 0,47), with the frequency of breathing and duration of the inspiration (r = -0,83) and duration of the expiration (r = -0,93), is showing an increase in the functional reserves. Conclusions : have been found that morphological indicators of synchronous swimming sportswomen did not differ from the standards and indicators for physiometric and functional indices of the external respiratory system considerably exceed the same-age girls' indicators characterized the range of functional reserves and the resulting correlations reflected the direction of the adaptation process in specific environments of synchronous swimming.


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