Culture of health of a person as a part of physical culture




culture, health, physical, personality


Purpose: to determine the general concepts of the theory and methods of physical education. On the basis of their form defining the components of physical culture and personality reflect the place of culture health of individuals among these components. Material: processed more than 40 references. Results: a definition of generalizing concepts of "culture", "health", "physical culture", "culture of health" formulated defining components of physical culture personality: health culture personality, culture motivational values and beliefs, culture of educational excellence, physical culture perfection, excellence and culture of the motor provides a definition of each. Given a reflection of culture of health in the physical culture of the individual. Considered separately culture a person's health as a component of physical culture. Conclusions: it has a logical and hierarchical unity of the principal terms of the theory and methods of physical education, including culture of health of the person is a body of knowledge and skills of a healthy lifestyle, self psychological, social, spiritual and physical development.


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