The dynamics of physical and mental health of students of economic specialties in the course of employment aqua

  • N. V. Petrenko Ukrainian Academy of Banking
Keywords: students, physical, thinking, operability


The objective was to determine the effect of fitness classes for aqua to physical and mental fitness of students of economic specialties. The volume of the experimental sample consisted of 69 female students basic medical group aged 17-18 years. Analysis of the results was carried out according to the Harvard step test, and the results of the speed and accuracy of processing visual information using alphabetical table Anfimova. Comparative analysis of the data showed the trend more pronounced positive changes in the physical and mental health of students of the experimental group 1 and experimental group 2. The low level of the index of physical performance within 42.39 was observed in the control group. Increase speed and accuracy of processing visual information in the control group not observed.


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