The dynamics of indicators of physical qualities of boys aged 10-13 years under the influence of different types of tourism activities


  • T.I. Grinyova Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture
  • E.V. Mulik Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture



physical quality, sports, hiking, biking


Compared to the development of physical qualities of young men engaged in hiking, biking and water sports tourism. Shows the development of the physical qualities of young men who do not engage in sports clubs. The study involved 18 children (age 10-13 years) in each of the groups. Classes are held on standard programs tourist sports clubs, which provide for 216 hours per year (2 sessions per week with duration of 3 hours each). Determined that the long-term and systematic training tourism contribute to the level of physical fitness tourists. Found that different types of tourism have a different effect on the development of a variety of physical properties. Classes hiking more improves flexibility, agility and speed-strength, cycling speed, agility, and speed-strength, water tourism force.


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