CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.1

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Ambrozhi Tadeush.Safety of the Person in Aspect of Struggle with Itself, and also with Threats of the Modern World. 2008.-N1.3
2. Amgad A.B.Hamdoni.Electromyography as a Method Objectivism Effects of a Physical Aftertreatment of Traumas of the Copular Kettle After Surgical Treatment. 2008.-N1.8
3. Ahmetov R.F., Shaverskiy V.K.Hardware Components During Formation of Professional Skill of the Future Specialists of Physical Training. 2008.-N1.11
4. Babalich V. A.The Special Preparation of Teaching of Physical Culture to Forming Healthy Way of Life in Students' Young People. 2008.-N1.14
5. Bandurina Katerina.Renewal of Gross Motor Function of Children with Cerebral Pulsy as a Effectivness Index of Using Physical Exercises in Self Training. 2008.-N1.17
6. Baryshok T.Principles of Compose and Use of Physical Rehabilitation's Individual Programs for Children with Cerebral Palsy in the Conditions of Home. 2008.-N1.20
7. Briskin Y., Perederiy A., Slisenko O.Structure and Contents of Training Programs of Special Olympics in Track and Field Athletics. 2008.-N1.22
8. Brusnyk V.V., Voronov N.P., Kyselov L.F.The Meaning and Place the Methodical Preparation of Students in the System Knowledge on "Physical Educational" Subject 2008.-N1.25
9. Vasil'eva S.A.Functions of Research Activity of Senior Pupils. 2008.-N1.29
10. Holovchenko A.I.Theoretical and Methodological Analysis of Estimation of Motive Activity Among Schoolchildren's 2008.-N1.31
11. Goncharenko M. S. Gololobova O.O. Pasynok V.G.The Valeological Monitoring Students' Spiritual Health Level. 2008.-N1.35
12. Dotsenko O.G.We Form Interest to Cossack Pedagogics in the System of Educational Work. 2008.-N1.38
13. Dyachenko T.V.Acmeological Way in the Research of the Problem of Professional Training of the Physical Rehabilitation Specialists in the Universities 2008.-N1.42
14. Zhuravel A.V.Some Particulares of Pedagogical Contacts in Process of Appraisaling of Results of Studying Activity Cadets of System Ministry of Internal Affairs 2008.-N1.46
15. Zanevska L.H.Attitude of Students to the Use of Information Technologies in the Recreation and Tourist Activity. 2008.-N1.49
16. Zelenskiy R.N.Professional - Applied Physical Preparation of the Future Pharmaceutists 2008.-N1.52
17. Zolochevsky V.V.The Questions of Physical Training in J.Lock's Pedagogical Heritage and their Pedagogical Retrospection in Modern Britain Schools 2008.-N1.55
18. Ivanov V.I., Rymar N.P.Valuation of Influence of Dentogingival Safety Devices on the State of Some Functional Characteristics During Boxers' Physical Activities. 2008.-N1.57
19. Kaidalova L.G.Formation of Professional Competence of the Future Experts. 2008.-N1.60
20. Karpenko N.V.Analysis by the Foreign Scientists' Determinant of Fears 2008.-N1.64
21. Kovpak S.V.Guiding Values in Choosing Efficient Management in Education 2008.-N1.67
22. Kozina ZH.L., Lyashenko A.N., Delova I.A., Demchenko M.M., Senchenko V.G., Ufimceva A.E.Models of Individual Features of Swimmers in Flippers on the Basis of the Physiological and Psychophysiological Testing 2008.-N1.74
23. Kolesnik V.A., Klapchuk V.V., Efimov V.B.New Approach in Calculation of the Power Abilities and their Estimation Beside Swimmer 2008.-N1.80
24. Krause T.M.Biorhythms: New Approaches in the Understanding of Human Nature Space 2008.-N1.84
25. Kygayevskiy S.A.Dependence of Results of Distances of Competitions on the use of Different Groups of Facilities. 2008.-N1.93
26. Kuznetsova G.P.Student Teaching as a Class of Philosophy of Education. 2008.-N1.95
27. Kurashova V.O.A.F.V.Disterveg about a Principle of Amateur Performance of the Child in Learning 2008.-N1.99
28. Kurok A.I.Role and Place of Research Jurisdictions in the General Structure of Jurisdictions of Future Physical Training Teachers of Under-Fives 2008.-N1.102
29. Mihailovs'ka Marina, Koscheev Oleksandr, Bachins'ka Natalya.Singularities of Procedure of Development of Velocity Power Qualities at Sportswomen 12 - 15 Years in Different Phases of a Menstrual Cycle. 2008.-N1.105
30. Mosiychuk L.V., Mel'nikovich B.I, Dzyubanovs'ky A.B.Grounds for the Methods of the All-Round Development of Physical Qualities of Younger Schoolchildren's. 2008.-N1.107
31. Moskalenko N.V., Gontarovs'ka N.B.System of Provisions on Formation of Knowledge of Bases of an Able-Bodied Mode of Life in General Educational Educational Institutions. 2008.-N1.112
32. Podorozhko O.A.The Sudden Cardiac Death: Risk Factors and Prophylaxis 2008.-N1.116
33. Ponomaryov V.A., Papucha V.N., Ivanova N.B.The Influence of Engaging in Sport Gymnastics on the Technique of the 18-20 Year-Old Kick Boxers 2008.-N1.120
34. Pryimakov A.A., Kozetov I.I., Ejder E.Management Particular Qualities of Movement of the Different Coordinating Structure at Children of Younger School Age 2008.-N1.123
35. Prima R.Professional Mobility of Specialist Scientific Problem. 2008.-N1.127
36. Pustovalov V.O. The Physical Fitness of the Girls Aged 11-14 with Different Level of the Neurodynamics Functions. 2008.-N1.132
37. Raspitin V.I.Psychological Means of Increase of Sports Serviceability of Weight-Lifters 2008.-N1.135
38. Serduk T.V.To Psychologic-Pedagogical Aspect of the Problem of Forming Readiness of Students оf the 1st Year of I-II Level of Accreditation to Collective Educational Activitiesі 2008.-N1.137
39. Sitnikova N. S.The Change of Parameters of the System of the External Breathing at Boys - Athletes in the Process of Adaptation to the Systematic Physical Loadings with the Use of Tools of Rehabilitation. 2008.-N1.140
40. Skorobagata O.M.Readiness for the Activity as a Psychological and Pedagogical Problem 2008.-N1.143
41. Tereschenko A.V.Interaction and the Information Significance of Builders of Frame of the State of Health and Special Physical Readiness on Float of Students of the Pedagogical Trade 2008.-N1.147
42. Tsibiz G.G., Kuhta I.P., Chernish N.I., Gusachenko M.M.Physical Training at Students of Technological High School. 2008.-N1.151
43. Cherkas A.V.Pedagogical Practice in the System of Teacher Training 2008.-N1.155
44. Chehova V.E., Prikhoda I.V.The Influence of Enalapril on Daily Rhythm of Arterial Pressure and Variability of Arterial Pressure in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome without St-Segment Elevation, Complicated Acute Left Ventricular Failure 2008.-N1.158
45. Chapoval N.S., Lapickij V.A.State of Health and Pathes of a Positive Heightening and Improvement of the Future Banking Workers to Special Medical Bunches 2008.-N1.162
46. Sharafi R., Gorlov D., Bogdanov V., Gorgo Yu., Karobeynikov G.The Spatial Distribution of Human Skin Static Electric Potential Induced by Environmental Factors 2008.-N1.165
47. Shahnenko V.I.Preparation of Pupils to Conducting an Able-Bodied Mode of Life in the Contents Healthforming Courses of General Educational Institutions of Independent Ukraine 2008.-N1.167
48. Lagunaviciene Nijole, Golubev Genadij, Kremneva Irina, Pryimakov Alexander.The Structure Model of Trainings in the Yearly Cycle of Elite Swimmers 2008.-N1.175

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.