CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.8

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Amro Ismail.Kinesitherapy and Physiotherapy in the Complex Rehabilitation of Patients with Violation of Cerebral Circulation of Blood. 2008.-N8.3
2. Bairachniy O.V.Analysis of Competitive Activity of Football Players of High Qualification with allowance for Game Roles 2008.-N8.7
3. Bezemchuk L.V.The Creative Approach to Designing the Contents of Education in Conditions of Modular Learning 2008.-N8.10
4. Bobrovnik V., Krivoruchenko O.Complex Monitoring of Physical Readiness and Functional State of a Cardiovascular System of the Qualified Athletes at a Stage of Maximum Realization of Individual Possibilities 2008.-N8.13
5. Bondarchuk N.Ya., Chernov V.D.Interrelation of Parameters of Functional State and Physical Readiness of Students 2008.-N8.25
6. Vl'chkovs'kiy E., Paschnik V.Self-Rating of Professional Training by Students - Graduates of Faculties of Physical Training of Universities and Sports High Schools of Ukraine and Poland 2008.-N8.27
7. Vovk L.V.onceptual Model of Shaping the Culture Sound Lifestyle Beside Students of Special Medical Group 2008.-N8.34
8. Vovchenko I.I. Stadnik T.V.Physical Readiness of Students of Medical College 2008.-N8.39
9. Volovik N.I.Criteria Marks of Development Coordination Motor Abilities in 5 Age Children with Functional Impairment Vision 2008.-N8.41
10. Volyanska S.E.Monitoring of Introduction of Educational Innovations in the Education and Teaching Process of General Education School 2008.-N8.45
11. Gluschenko N.V., Dobrodub E.Z.Optimization of Cyclic Locomotions as a Method of Acclimatization Heart Rate of Students to Float on Average and Long Longitudinal Separations in Requirements Condition Trainings 2008.-N8.49
12. Gryzun L.E.Definition of Specificity of Subject Matters of Different Phylums as one of Factors of Formation of the Contents of the Higher Vocational Training 2008.-N8.51
13. Doroshenko V.V., Bogdanovskaya N.V., Malikov N.V.Features of Change of Adaptive Possibilities of Schoolboys of Senior age with Vegetatics Vascular Dystonia Under Influencing of Rehabilitation Measures with the Use of Systematic Employments by Step-Aerobics 2008.-N8.56
14. Iermakova T.Peculiarities of Forming Healthy Way of Life of Children: Historical Aspect 2008.-N8.60
15. Ibraimova M.V., Zaporozhanova A.A., Jagello M.Criteria of Physical Readiness of Girl Tennis Players in the Age of 12-15 Years 2008.-N8.63
16. Ivanova T.P.Dynamics of the Maintenance of Haemoglobin at the Qualified Runners on Average and Long Distances in the Preparatory Period of the Annual Cycle of Training 2008.-N8.66
17. Koval' V.Yu.Pathes of Formation Able-Bodied Mode of Life at Young Generation 2008.-N8.69
18. Kolot A.V., Korobenko V.A., Yevtushevska N.Y.The Evolution of the Planning Structure for 1-Year Preparation in Track-and-Field Jumps 2008.-N8.72
19. Kostikova I. I.Modern Methodological Approaches of Professional Teacher's Training by Means of Information and Communication Technologies 2008.-N8.79
20. Kravchenko A.A.Detection of Interrelations Between Personal - Psychologic Performances of Sports Teachers and Level of their Professional Acclimatization 2008.-N8.83
21. Krivko Y.P.Habits Programmed Monitoring of Educational Reachings of Schoolchildren in the 60-th of the XX Century Item on Pages of the Professional Periodic Literature 2008.-N8.88
22. Lysyak V.N.Efficiency of Application of the Factors, which Influence on Process of Forming Positive Interest to Employment (Occupations) by Physical Exercises 2008.-N8.92
23. Lihoded Ya.V., Klopov R.V., Lihoded V.S.Dependence of Health of Schoolboys on their Mode of Life 2008.-N8.95
24. Luparenko S.E.The Technologies of Using the Waldorf Pedagogy Means of Junior Pupils' Cognitive Activity Development 2008.-N8.100
25. Lupinovych K.S.Educational Process and Forming of Ethics of International Communication of Children 2008.-N8.103
26. Lupinovich S.M.Correctional Activity of the Teacher in Teaching and Educational Process of a Comprehensive School 2008.-N8.106
27. Masenko L.V.Analysis of Selection in Children's Youthful Bunches Judo Ukraine with the Adult Program of Training 2008.-N8.108
28. Oleshko V.G., Lutovinov Y.A., Tkachenko K.V., Lisenko V.N.Tendency of Physical Development of Masters- Weightlifters 2008.-N8.111
29. Osypov V.Features of Construction of Program of Physical Rehabilitation for Patients with Myofastsyal Pain Syndrome 2008.-N8.114
30. Panchenko L.F.Design Activity of Students in Informational - Educational Medium of University with Use of Social Services the Internet 2008.-N8.117
31. Pylypey L.P. Petrenko N.V.The Effectiveness of the Personal-Oriented Program in Step-Aerobics for the Professionally-Applied Physical Training 2008.-N8.121
32. Pilipko V., Gavrichkin S., Sevrukov A.The Peculiarities of Psychological Preparation of Junior Athletes Taking up Thai Boxing 2008.-N8.125
33. Pidkopay D.O.To the Question of Account and Setting Norms of Work of Masseur in the Training and Competitions of Short-Track Speedskating 2008.-N8.127
34. Pomazan ..Description of Functional Capabilities of Children 4-6 Years for a Selection to Employments by a Gymnastics 2008.-N8.130
35. Ruslanov D.V., Krauze T.M.Rhythms and Psychology: the New Approaches in Research he Daily Allowances of Rhythms of Mental Activity of the Man in Ontogenesis 2008.-N8.133
36. Smolyanyuk N.M.The Conducting of Natural Science Excursions at Primary School (70-90-th of the Twentieth Century) 2008.-N8.139
37. Tatushko E.Professional Activity and Akmeology: Historical and Pedagogical Aspects 2008.-N8.142
38. Tolkacheva E.V., Bogdanovskaya N.V., Malikov N.V.Study of Features of Adjusting Cardiovascular System of Children of Junior School Age in the Process of their Rehabilitation with the Use of Tools of Aromatherapy 2008.-N8.144
39. Tomenko A.A.The Elements of Olympic Education at the Process of Physical Education Stydent's Higher Educational Institutions 2008.-N8.148
40. Filatova Z.I.Values Orientation and Attitude Student to Occupation by Physical Culture in Condition Specialized Medical Groups 2008.-N8.151
41. Cerkovnaya .V., Prikhodko .I., Poproshaev A.V.Problems of Search of Ways of Optimization of Process of Physical Education in Higher Educational Establishments 2008.-N8.154
42. Shachnenko V.I.Soviet Period of Development of Theory and Practice in Children's and Teenagers' Health Formation 2008.-N8.158
43. Tadeusz Jasiski.Criteria of the School Grade of Physical Education Perceived by Teachers 2008.-N8.165
44. Kropidlowski Zb., Kopanski R., Pryimakov O.The Structure of the Training Load and Aerobic Efficiency of the Football Players 2008.-N8.170
45. Szwarc A.Self-Control of Football Skills as a Stimulant to Physical Activity of the School Youth 2008.-N8.174

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