CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.10

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Agapov D.V.Research of Coordination Abilities of Baseball Players with the Count of their Game Role 2008.-N10.3
2. Anishchenko O.V.Pupils' Scientific Labour Management in the Research of the Scientists of Ukrainian Environmental Sanitation Institute 2008.-N10.6
3. Areshina Yu.B., Kosyak V.A.Health in System of Valuable Orientations of Entrants which Enter on a Trade "Physical Aftertreatment" 2008.-N10.10
4. Afanasyev V.V., Gavrilova N.M., Mihajlenko V.M., Shishac'ka V.I.Physical Education in Life of Student-Girls 2008.-N10.13
5. Babiy V.G., Malikov N.V.Influence of Systematic Employments by Large Tennis on the Level of Physical Capacity and Functional State of Organism of Boys and Girls 12-14 Years 2008.-N10.16
6. Bobrovnik V.I.The Training Exercises Predominant Trend of Track and Field Athlete-Jumpers Technique Skills Formation 2008.-N10.20
7. Bregnev A.M., Zezyulin V.T., Bregnev T.A., Zezyulin S.V.Method of Definition of Starting Structure of Players in a Command of Volleyball 2008.-N10.23
8. Vahovskiy M.L.Methodological Aspects of Relative Analysis of Pedagogical Ideas of G.Mann and K.Ushinskiy 2008.-N10.26
9. Volovik N.I.Criteria Marks of Development Coordination Motor Abilities in 4 Age Children with Functional Impairment Vision 2008.-N10.31
10. Goncharenko M.S.Chemical Compound Corpuscles of Membranes at Hyperepydermopoeze 2008.-N10.34
11. Goncharenko M.S.Transport Properties of Membranes of Erythrocytes at Heightened Epydermopoez 2008.-N10.38
12. Grigoniene J.J., Skyriene V., Nauckunaite L.The Choosing Reasons of Baths as Means of Recreation, their Influence on the Rates of Cardiovascular System 2008.-N10.41
13. Grigus I.M.Renewal Of General Health Level of Patients with Persistent Bronchial Asthma of Middle Weight 2008.-N10.43
14. Grytsay S.M.Criteria Generated Political Crop of the Future Teacher 2008.-N10.49
15. Gumenniy V., Rigas T.Research of Influence of Physical Training on Intellectual Serviceability of Students Depending on Specificity of the Future Professional Work 2008.-N10.51
16. Dedelyuk N. A., Matskevych N. M., Kozibrotskiy S. P.The Using of Pedagogical Technologies in a Process of Profecional Preparation of Teachers of Physical Culture 2008.-N10.54
17. Efremov S. V.Experience of Organisation of Teaching Scientists - Pedagogues of the Scientific Club of Ostrog Academy Developing Skills of Scientific Researchful Work of the Students 2008.-N10.57
18. Kalyan V.V., Komisova T.E.The Physical Development of the Offspring Whose Mother-Rats were Under the Action of Various Motor Regimes 2008.-N10.59
19. Kovalenko J.A.Habits of Selection of Forms and Methods of Vocational Training of the Future Specialists to Physical Training of Children of Preschool Age in Higher Educational Institutions 2008.-N10.63
20. Kozlova O.K.The Track-and-Field Managers and Their Influence to Preparation of High Skilled Athletes in the Professionalization Conditions 2008.-N10.66
21. Lukavenko E.G., Shapoval A.M.The Physical Culture, as Facility of the Improvement of Health and Increasing Quality Education Student HNMU 2008.-N10.69
22. Maidanyuk O.V., Pavlik A.I., Kolodyazhnaya L.V.Blood Supply of Muscles of Anticnemions at Representatives of Ski Rapid Motions with a Different Level of the Maximum Oxygen Uptake 2008.-N10.72
23. Malanyuk L.Correlation Between Physical Activity Level and Physical Health of 18-25 Years Old Men 2008.-N10.75
24. Mirnaya A.V., Malikov N.V.Dymamics of Indices of Variation And Amplitude Pulsometry of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis During the Process of the Rehabilitation Course of Karate 2008.-N10.78
25. Mitsenko E.V.The Significance of Physical Parameters of Movement Functions, to Demonstrate Special Abilities of Young Athletes 9-11 Years 2008.-N10.80
26. Omel'yanenko G.A.Psychologic Pedagogical Fundamentalses of Use of Information Communicative Technologies in Vocational Training the Future Specialists on Physical Training and Sports 2008.-N10.86
27. Pilipei L.P.Problems of Approaches to Professional - Applied Physical Preparation of Students of High Schools 2008.-N10.89
28. Pylypko V. F., Nizhnichenko D. O., Proskurnin A. V., Kovalyov I. N.Peculiarities of Physical Fitness and Morphological Capacity of Powerlifters Depending on Weight Categories 2008.-N10.93
29. Rovniy V.A.Functional Stability of an Organism of Sportsmen at Sustained Loads in Standard Conditions 2008.-N10.96
30. Ryabcnev P. P., Kozina Zh.L.Method of Development Motive Capabilities of Students with the Use of Elements of Hand-to-Hand Fight 2008.-N10.99
31. Sembrat A.L., Yacenko .V.Gender Socialization of Personality in Family 2008.-N10.102
32. Sydorchenko K.M.The Correlations Between the Changing of the Physical Health and the Development of the Physical Qualities in the Boys Of Different Somatotypes in 11-14 Years of Age 2008.-N10.105
33. Stepanenko V.M.The Criteria of Aciquant Level of Mastering Game of Youth Footballmen of 13 Age 2008.-N10.109
34. ҳmoshenko O.V.Definition of Efficiency of Application of Model of Optimization of Professional Preparation of Future of Teachers of Physical Culture 2008.-N10.111
35. Trotsenko T.Y.Problems of Development of Tourist-Regional Activity at General School 2008.-N10.116
36. Usychenko V.V.Determining of the Common Barycentre of the Body of the Sportsmen Specializing in Bodybuilging of Tall Qualification 2008.-N10.119
37. Kharabouga S.G., Klymovitch B.V., Loyko O.M., Liudovyk T.V.Informative Factors of Cadets Physical Fitness in the Military Institute (as an Example "Crossing and Obstacle Course") 2008.-N10.122
38. Kharkivs'ka A.Descriptor of Modern Pedagogical Technologies - Test Technologies 2008.-N10.125
39. Khendrik O.The Development of Socialization of Person of the Information Society by the Facilities of Art of Choregraphy 2008.-N10.131
40. Cerkovnaya .V., Baribina L. N.Interests and Motives of Students as the Basis of Construction of Educational Process Training in High Schools 2008.-N10.135
41. Jagello W., Wolska B., Smulskij V.Interdependence Between Indixes of General and Specific Physical Preparation of Highly Qualified Female Judokas 2008.-N10.139
42. Yaremtchuk Y.Social-Psychological Aspects in the Students Karate-Do Training 2008.-N10.143
43. Yashna O.P.daptive Physical Culture in the Process of the Recovery and Training of Children in Centres of Social Rehabilitation 2008.-N10.148
44. Jaszczanin J., Kriskoviecas E., Jaszczanin N., Pryimakov A. Indexes of Retractile Function of Muscles of Lower Extremities of Teenagers Cultivating the Different Types of Sport in the 10 Week Cycle of Trainings 2008.-N10.152

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