CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.11

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Andres A.S.The Indexes of Physical Development and Functional Possibilities of Multiathlonists of Military-Sporting Complex of Different Sporting Qualification 2008.-N11.3
2. Besputchik V.G., Sharevich A.V.The Improvement of Mental and Physical Potential of the Young Schoolchildren 2008.-N11.6
3. Bulashev A., Kaplina L.Tourist-Geographical Districting Ukraine 2008.-N11.11
4. Edelev A. S., Yefimako V.A., Shalar O.G.Didactic and Educational Aspects of Young Female Football Players Training 2008.-N11.16
5. Ivlev .M., Lavrenchuk .A., Godlevskiy P.V.Features of Technical Preparation of Police 2008.-N11.21
6. Kiselyev A.F., Grischenko G.V., Rudenko A.A., Glavatiy S.N., Majorov V.N., Chernozub A.A.Sport of the High Achievements of Nikolaev. Sociological Research (1991 - 2007) 2008.-N11.23
7. Kravchenko V.V.Pedagogical - Organized Conditions of Realization of Educational Technology of Teenagers' Formation of Motivation to Physical - Sanitary Activity 2008.-N11.27
8. Makushchenko I.V., Maiboroda I.A., Makushchenko S.S.Biomechanical and Informational Aspects in Development of the Health-Improving Physical Education in the Educational-Upbringing Process 2008.-N11.31
9. Makhov S.A.Problem of Professional - Applied Orientation of Physical Preparation of Students of the Higher Engineering Educational Institutions of Mountain Trades 2008.-N11.34
10. Merkulova Z.Y.The Investigation of Effective Ways of Forming Culture of Motion 2008.-N11.36
11. Ovcharenko L.I., Bgan S.I., Kukhareva N.G."Father" or "Leader"? 2008.-N11.41
12. Petrov S.V., Sasik A.S.Influence of Spectators and Fans on the Activity of Sportsmen During the Competition 2008.-N11.44
13. Pristinskii V.N., Kurysko N.., Pristinskaya T.N., Notchenko V.D.Humanistic Value of Physical Culture and Sport as Facility of The Shaping Moral And Aesthetic Culture of the Person 2008.-N11.48
14. Sokolenko V.L., Sokolenko S.V., Shved N.V., Yaremenko O.G.Changes of the Data of the Natural Resistance of the Students' Organisms, Caused by the Influence of Physical Training Exercising 2008.-N11.52
15. Chornobay I.M., Ripak I.M.Aspect Perfecting of Training to Individual Tactical Operations in Protection of Young Footballer in 11-12 Years 2008.-N11.55
16. Chirva G.I., Pinchuk N.I., Cat E.A.Influencing of Rhythmic Seasonal Adaptations on the Degree of Physical Readiness To Participation in Competitions of Young Tennis Players 2008.-N11.59
17. Chuprun N. F.Theoretical Bases of Development of Co-Ordinating Capabilities of Junior Schoolboys on Employments by a Choreography 2008.-N11.63
18. Shamigolov R.S., Kanunnikov V.N., Sidorova V.V.Sportsmen of Donbass Champions and Prizewinners VI - the I Olympic Games in Composition Olympic Command of Ukraine 2008.-N11.66
19. Arefyeva L.P.Future Teacher of Physical Training Humanistic Position Formation as Dominant of Value-Sentiment Analysis of Pedagogical Process 2008.-N11.70
20. Velichko V.N., Chernyshov V.A.The Efficiency of Complex Influence of Ideology on Students 2008.-N11.73
21. Gavaga V.V., Dotsenko Yu.A.Problem of Spirituality, Morality of Students Physical Education in the Universities 2008.-N11.76
22. Haiduk N.O.Pedagogical Aspects of Formation the Professional Image of the Future Teachers of Physical Training 2008.-N11.79
23. Glukhova T.I, Zubchenko L.V., Kirilash A.R., Maliy A.T.Creative Work as a Pedagogical Problem 2008.-N11.81
24. Zakolodnaya Y.Y.Pedagogical Situations, as Method of the Purchase of Experience of the Moral Behaviour of the Students in High School of the Physical Culture 2008.-N11.85
25. Karpuk R.P.Analysis of Foreign Curriculum of the Adaptive Physical Training Specialists 2008.-N11.88
26. Kasyanova E.V., Nedashkovskaya A.G., Vorobez T.V.Determination of Humanism Ways in the Management by Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine 2008.-N11.91
27. Kim T.K.he Educational Potential of Family 2008.-N11.95
28. oltsova O.S.The Moral Education in History of Pedagogical Science 2008.-N11.99
29. Konovalska L.O.Research of Modern Condition of Methodological Competence of Future Physical Culture Teachers During Professionally-Oriented Disciplines Learning 2008.-N11.101
30. Korovka E.A.Ways of Forming Vital Values in the Conditions of Modernization of Educatin 2008.-N11.105
31. Livencova V.A., Maksimova T.V.The General Didactic Conditions in the Usage of Informational Technology Database in Institution of Higher Education 2008.-N11.110
32. Maschenko S.V.Aspect of Country - Specific Studies in Teaching of Foreign Language 2008.-N11.113
33. Medvedeva I.M.A Museum-Pedagogical Activity and the Main Conditions of Efficiency of its Introduction to the Work of Museums of High Technical Institutions 2008.-N11.116
34. Nebesnaya V.V., Gridina N.A., Morfuntsov V.V.Habits of Frame of Activity of the Teacher of Physical Training of a Higher Educational Institution 2008.-N11.119
35. Nesin A.N., Sivokonenko Y.V., Venjega R.A., Kush I.V.Problems of Increases of the Professional - Applied Preparation of Students are Institute of Higher of MVD 2008.-N11.122
36. Osiptsov A.V.The Dynamics of the Parameters of Motive Training Functions in the Development of the Working Dynamic Stereotype in the Process of the Professional - Applied Physical Training of Students 2008.-N11.125
37. Okhrimenko A.V., Vereshchagina O.P.A Task f Teacher Is Education f Moral Qualities f Student Young People on Employments on a Physical Culture and Sport 2008.-N11.130
38. Pavlenko I.G., Gorbulich G.V.Inner Human Harmony as the Basis of Forming Ecological Culture of Future Teacher 2008.-N11.133
39. Pavlov A.S., Grishenko N.N., Chumak .G., Petrov V.., krts V.V.The Social - Psychological Causes of Teenage Criminality 2008.-N11.136
40. Pangelova N.E., Yahno E.G.Education of Patriotism at the Children of Senior Preschool Age in the Process of Employments of Physical Culture 2008.-N11.139
41. Prokofiev V.N.Ethics of A. Schweitzer in the Light of Contemporary Problems of Humanization of Education. 2008.-N11.143
42. Tverdokhlb .F.National Traditions of Trypilska Culture Psychosomatic System in Physical Training of Youth 2008.-N11.145
43. Tunik .Y.Determination of Level of Pedagogical Trade of Teacher of Physical Education in Higher Educational Establishment. 2008.-N11.148
44. Tyurdyo N.S., Liventsova V.A.Formation of Students' Legal Mind at the Nonlaw Faculties 2008.-N11.152
45. Yarmolinskiy V.I., Koleda V. A.Modern Mechanisms of Formation Physical Components of Culture of the Person in System of Continuous Education 2008.-N11.155
46. Abakumova A.V.The Laws of Formations Ischemia Heart-Disease in Urban Population in Donetsk Region 2008.-N11.162
47. Dichko V.V.Methods of Diagnostic of Breaking Psychomotor Reactions at Blind and Cecutient Children 2008.-N11.165
48. Eremka E.V., Shokotko T.V., Balanova S.G., Kaloerova V.G.The Problem of Spirituality and Morality in Formation of Ecological Consciousness 2008.-N11.168
49. Zenin .., Kruycov E.L. Plasty Method of Deep Wounds of Leg and Foot 2008.-N11.172
50. Zenchenkov I.P.The Spiritual Values of Specialists of Physical Rehabilitation 2008.-N11.175
51. Kolesnik Y.A.Social Rehabilitation of Invalids. 2008.-N11.178
52. Livackiy .V.Pedagogical Aspects of Education of Physical Qualities of Schoolboys in the Conditions f Before Profile Preparation 2008.-N11.182
53. Lomaka Z.M.Research of the Attitude of the Students to Spiritual Wellfare and Wellfareless 2008.-N11.185
54. Mitjukov V. A, Simarova A. V., Kirillov A. N., Kucherenko N. M., Pushkaryova N. S., Jarosh A. N.Modern Sights at a Problem of Occurrence of Diseases of Osteomuscular System at Women During the Period of Perimenopause and Menopause, Preventive Maintenance and Physical Rehabilitation 2008.-N11.188
55. Orokhovsky V.I.The Teaching of Topographical Anatomy by Training of Specialist of Physical Rehabilitation 2008.-N11.194
56. Otravenko O.V.The Programme of Forming of Pupils' Spiritual Health in the System of Physical Education. 2008.-N11.197
57. Partas I.G., Balakireva E.A., Partas O.V.stimation of the Program of Making of Children of Middle School Ages Healthy with the Diseases of the Respiratory System 2008.-N11.202
58. Podnebesnaya K.V.Especially Regulation of Central and Peripheral Circulation of Blood of Boys are 12-14 Years by Physical Loading 2008.-N11.206
59. Semenova N.E., Kasyanova E.V., Popova E. S. Methodical Features of Conducting of Employments on Teaching to Swimming of Persons with Violations of Visual Analyzer 2008.-N11.210
60. Churilov A. V., Mitjukov V. A, Simarova A. V., Pisarenko P. N., Jakovenko A. V.Features of Development of Infringements of a Psychosomatic State of Health of Pregnant Women, their Physical and Psychological Preparation for Childbirth 2008.-N11.213
61. Shchurova N.V.The Modern Tendencies in Senior Pupils Physical Health Formation in Conditions of Specialized Studying 2008.-N11.221

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