CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.5

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Apshay N.I.Increase of informative culture of students in the conditions of informatization of education 2010.-N5.3
2. Artyushenko A.А.Personality mobility as arbitrary management conduct and activity 2010.-N5.6
3. Afonin V.M., Kuprinenko O.V.Research of some psychical qualities of cadets' personality with the aid of psychogeometric test 2010.-N5.10
4. Belozorova N. А.Practical aspects of teaching in an elementary school East-region (second half of XIX - beginning of XX century.) 2010.-N5.15
5. Voronov N.P., Shadrina V.V., Brusnyk V.V.Technique forces for students of special medical group 2010.-N5.18
6. Ganchar A.I.Change of parameters of an estimation of gender differences of results of swimmer's performance under specifications of Uniform sports classification of Ukraine for 2009-2012 2010.-N5.22
7. Gonchar O.V.Forms and methods of pedagogical interaction of students and teachers in the Ukrainian educational space of the second part of the XX century 2010.-N5.29
8. Gostischev V.N., Svat'ev A.V.The model programs and organization of training employments are in a boat-racing 2010.-N5.34
9. Gulbani R.Sh., Kosa А.А.Correction of the carriage of 18-19 year-old students by means of a "pectoral muscle sling" fastening 2010.-N5.40
10. Gulbani R.Sh., Pakulya N.V.Physical rehabilitation after knee arthroscopy with meniscus injury 2010.-N5.43
11. Denysenko N.G.Scientific-research work with a main element of a professional training of a future physical culture teacher 2010.-N5.47
12. Yermakov S.S., Kriventsova I.V.Methodological foundation on education content of fencing 2010.-N5.50
13. Iermakova T.S.Experience forming of healthy way of life of senior pupils in native pedagogic (second half of XX century). 2010.-N5.56
14. Zavgorodnyaya R.V, Solontsova A.I, Svechkarev I.S, Stanishtvskaya T.I.Features of physical development of preschool children 2010.-N5.66
15. Zaschuk S.G., Ivchatova T.V.Basketball in physical education of non sport universities. 2010.-N5.69
16. Klochko L.I.Forecasting to velocities harness racing on average, long, superlong distances (marathon run) 2010.-N5.73
17. Korzan T.I.Using specialized set of exercises on the lessons of physical culture and health of higher vocational schools computer technology and construction 2010.-N5.76
18. Kosynskyi E. О., Andriichuk Y.N., Hodinov V.N.Cardiovascular system state of the first year students 2010.-N5.79
19. Kurashova V.A.Realization of idea of independent action in teaching in domestic gymnasia at the end of the XIX century 2010.-N5.82
20. Levchenko V.A., Vakalyuk I.P., Dosyn D.A.Technique of training of inspiratory muscles for the girl with a neurocirculatory dystonia 2010.-N5.86
21. Maleniuk T.V.The improvement of technical preparation of sprinters on the initial stage of sport training 2010.-N5.90
22. Maliar E.I., Lebid M.R. Methodical techniques development of professionally important qualities of students of economic specialities by tools of football 2010.-N5.93
23. Pazynich S.N.Teacher is a condition factor in education of the Ukrainian philosophical world view. 2010.-N5.96
24. Pasihnyk V.R.Model professional competent graduate higher schools of the physical education of Poland. 2010.-N5.102
25. Ponomarev A.S.Forming frames for innovative development as a strategic target of high school 2010.-N5.105
26. Popovych О.І.Comparative analysis of the higher military educational institution cadets physical education and students studying at the army reserve officers program 2010.-N5.109
27. Prozar N.V.Problems and prospects of use volleyball as a tool for improvement of physical condition general education schools pupils 2010.-N5.113
28. Reznik S.N.Criteria and levels of understanding the students of educational material 2010.-N5.116
29. Sidorchenko K.N., Ovcharuk I.S.Ideomotor training and it's role in activisation of the process oftraining of cadets (students) from the unit of physical training "Overcoming of obstacles" 2010.-N5.119
30. Sikura A.Y.Facilities of renewal of functions to ligamentous muscular systems of man after the physical loadings 2010.-N5.122
31. Sychov S.O.Means and methods of harmonic physical students' development in the process of independent studies of physical exercises 2010.-N5.125
32. Sobko S.G.The physical and psychical sphere in the context of development of student young people on the stage of teaching in the institute of higher. 2010.-N5.129
33. Stanishevskaya T.I., Galko T.I.Anthropometric type of students of youth age. 2010.-N5.132
34. Statiev S. I.Assessment cognitive functions in children with visual impairment by playing method 2010.-N5.136
35. Tymoshenko Y. History of physical culture as a reflection of social history 2010.-N5.140
36. Tkachuk V.G., Bitko S.N.Research of functional backlogs of the cardiovascular system of sportsmen in the process of competition activity with the use of frequency and fractal methods 2010.-N5.145
37. Tolkunova I.V., Byruk I.S.Diagnostics of psychological determinant of self-realization of personality of sportsman (on the example of womanish powerlifters) 2010.-N5.148
38. Turchyk I.H., Shyyan O.I., Pityn M.P., Kozibroda L.V.Conceptual basis for forming school health education by means of physical culture in the UK 2010.-N5.151
39. Uliz'ko V.M., Kushnir V.V., Grabchuk A.B.Features of competition activity of skilled sportswomen on table tennis 2010.-N5.155
40. Fedak S.S., Sevidova G.O.Weightlifting exercises as means of developing physical training of military personnel 2010.-N5.159
41. Khokhlova L.A., Bondar T.S., Cherednichenko M.A., Gorina V.V., Cochina N.V.Some complaints of seniors to the state of physical health 2010.-N5.164
42. Shologon R.P.Physical rehabilitation in complex therapy of the ureter stones patients in the Truskavets health resort area. 2010.-N5.168
43. Yavorskaya T.E.Definition of efficiency of instructional process of the qualified jumpers at length from start 2010.-N5.171

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