CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.3

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1. Adashevskiy V.M., Dylewski Michal, Iermakov S.S.Biomechanical aspects of the technical and tactical actions in the judo. 2011.-N3.3
2. Artyushenko A.A.The levels of forming at students of general school operating mobility as executive component of arbitrary management of moving activity 2011.-N3.8
3. Berezka S.M.Theoretical and methodical knowledge of students of discipline "Physical education" 2011.-N3.12
4. Bodnarchuk O.M., Zanevsky I.P.An attitude to the physical culture of first-graders and their parents 2011.-N3.15
5. Borisova О.V., Michuda Y.P.Tennis as a kind of sports-commercial activity 2011.-N3.20
6. Vertel A.V., Gradusov V.A.Methods to control the response of the cardiovascular system of young volleyball players 10 - 14 years on the impact of physical activity of speed-power orientation 2011.-N3.26
7. Globa G.V.Important aspects of the methodic of using combined aerobics in the process of elementary school pupils' physical education 2011.-N3.30
8. Gonchar O.V.Interpersonal conflict as a part of teaching of the educational process agents at higher school 2011.-N3.35
9. Grygus I.M., Mironyuk L.V.Features of carrying out of physical rehabilitation at patients on bronchial pneumonia 2011.-N3.39
10. Gulbani R.Sh., Zaed Yu.V., Hagner-Derengowska M.Prophylaxis of asymmetric carriage of schoolboys of middle age by facilities of physical rehabilitation 2011.-N3.42
11. Dragnev Y.V.Informative and educational spaces in higher educational establishment and their influence on professional development of future teacher of physical culture 2011.-N3.46
12. Yefremov S.V.Role of seminars in educational process of secondary schools and high schools 2011.-N3.49
13. Zaytzev V.P., Iermakov S.S., Manucharyan S.V.Recreational resources - basement for active rest of a man 2011.-N3.52
14. Zakharina E.A.The introduction of "The Passport of Health" in the educational process of the specialists of physical education 2011.-N3.62
15. Іvahnenko A.A.Correction and development of psychomotor function of deaf children of midchildhood by facilities of mobile games 2011.-N3.66
16. Kazakova S.M., Kazakov E.O., Chornaya T.G., Mozheiko T.V.Dynamics of the basic indexes of vital functions of children with a cerebral paralysis under the action of methods of physical rehabilitation 2011.-N3.69
17. Kalinichenko E.N.Features of musical accompaniment on the lessons of physical culture with the use of complexes of aerobics at school 2011.-N3.73
18. Karaulova S.I., Markadanov E.Р.The features of technical preparedness of athletes in a relay-race 2011.-N3.76
19. Kovalenko T.N., Lyannoy Y.O., Zhabchenko I.A.Program of complex rehabilitation of pregnant with alimentary-constitutional obesity in the third trimester 2011.-N3.79
20. Kozina Zh.L., Prusik Krzysztof, Prusik Katarzyna, Gorner Karol.Pedagogic, recreation and rehabilitation peculiarities of a system of physical education in integral development of children at the age of 1-5 years 2011.-N3.84
21. Kudelko V.E., Yakovenko Y.O., Korolinska S.V.Adaptation methods of the students physical education in the forming of young people culture of health 2011.-N3.99
22. Kurtova G.U.The problems and perspectives of uninterrupted education in the field of physical training and sport 2011.-N3.102
23. Malikova A.M.Influence of the rehabilitation measures on the psychophysiological state of workwomen of industrial enterprise at the age of 26-35 years 2011.-N3.105
24. Marchenko O.U.Effects of exercise on the formation of life-wide and value orientations of university studen 2011.-N3.109
25. Mikhuta I.Ju.Factor structure of psychophysical training of cadets of senior school age to the military professional activity 2011.-N3.112
26. Miheenko О.І.Feeding culture as a component of a man's healthy culture (valeology aspect) 2011.-N3.116
27. Nechyporencko L.A.Pedagogical conditions of improvement of personal abilities of pupils of different school age at physical training lessons 2011.-N3.122
28. Nomerovskiy S.V.Educational and methodical function of the military physical fitness system and level of its scientific rationale 2011.-N3.126
29. Prudnikova М.С., Chub О.О.Research of a level of morphofunctional state of young bicyclists at the age of 12-14 years specialized at BMX 2011.-N3.131
30. Ruslanov D.V., Prusik Krzysztof, Prusik Katarzyna, Gorner Karol.New technologies: program of health exercises with a psychological emotional orientation 2011.-N3.134
31. Svatyev A.V.Organization of professional preparation of trainer-teacher to future professional activity in higher educational establishments of Ukraine 2011.-N3.140
32. Sitnikova N.S., Tyhovskiy T.A.Water and playing facilities as a factor increasing the efficiency of educational and training process of young athletes 2011.-N3.144
33. Tomenko O.The linkage between indicators of physical health, physical activity, theoretical preparation, mastery of motor actions and motivational-value areas of schoolchildren 2011.-N3.148
34. Sharov S.V.Use of the differentiated educational tasks during independent work of students 2011.-N3.151

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