CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.7

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1. Balan В.A., Sviridenko A.V.Playing activity of footballers of 19-20-years-old age in the professional commands of 2-d championship of Ukraine of a football 2011.-N7.3
2. Balan В.A., Sviridenko A.V.Playing activity of footballers of 19-20-years-old age in the professional commands of 2-d championship of Ukraine of a football 2011.-N7.3
3. Bashavets N.A.Sickness rate of modern youth and ways of its improvement 2011.-N7.6
4. Borova T.A.Adaptive management theory development in the field of education 2011.-N7.11
5. Vindiuk P.A., Volkova S.S.Use of outdoor games in physical rehabilitation of children with a cerebral paralysis 2011.-N7.15
6. Davydenko E.V., Gagara V.F.Physical rehabilitation of patients with injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee in the postoperative period 2011.-N7.19
7. Dragnev Y.VInformative culture of future teacher of physical culture in the process of professional development in the conditions of informatively-educational space 2011.-N7.22
8. Zhirnov A.V., Bondar A.A. Comparative analysis of structure of sporting preparation in a boat-racing, rowing on kayaks and canoe 2011.-N7.25
9. Kislaja N.J.Concept of didactic support of training students with somatic diseases 2011.-N7.29
10. Kozlov Yu.V., Lazareva E.B.Determinants of nonfixed locomotors system violations in preschool children 2011.-N7.34
11. Kolesnik I.A.Teacher - the central figure of the pedagogical process (the historical and pedagogical aspects) 2011.-N7.38
12. Korobeynikova G.V., Korobeynikova L.G., Axyutin V.V.The features of perception and processing of visual information in boxers with different style of match 2011.-N7.41
13. Krylychenko O.V.The status and prospects of development of physical education in higher educational institutions of Ukraine 2011.-N7.45
14. Kudelko V.E., Ulaeva L.О., Shevchenko О.О.Positive impact of exercises for the development of students' coordination of movements who are involved in physical education in a group of the therapeutic physical training (TPhT) 2011.-N7.49
15. Li Bo, Wu Dongfang, Xie Chunxiang.Kinematics analysis technique fouettes 720° classic ballet 2011.-N7.54
16. Li Yugang, Zhao Lianwen, Wang Li, Ma Haozhe.Biodynamic features Syuantszy Chzhuanti 720°. 2011.-N7.57
17. Lytovka M.V., Bandurina K.V.Using of Strain-Sounterstrain method in the physical therapy of patients with myofascial pain syndrome of lumbosacral spine segment 2011.-N7.60
18. Manshulovsky V.M., Mohammed Ali.Clinical physiological basis for application of means of physical rehabilitation in surgical diseases 2011.-N7.64
19. Nazin V.A.The research of speed-power preparation of taekvondistov of different age and qualification. 2011.-N7.68
20. Samolenko T.V.Individual experience of construction of training on stage immediate preparation for main event in running middle-distance. 2011.-N7.71
21. Syshko D.V., Savina K.D., Syshko G.D.Vegetative component of function of balance at the sportsmen of different qualifications 2011.-N7.77
22. Timoshenko Ju.O.Formation of a science of physical culture in Ukraine 2011.-N7.80
23. Tkach A.V.The problem of studying the best educational experience. 2011.-N7.83
24. Tkachenko O.G.Guideline of "disciplinary incentives" (second half of the XIX century.) 2011.-N7.86
25. Khoroshukha M.F.The influence of the training loads of different on the nervousness level of the young sportsmen aged 13-16. 2011.-N7.89
26. Tsipovіaz A.T., Bondarenko Н.M.Complex control of sport training of javelin throwers on the stages of specialization and sports improvement. 2011.-N7.93
27. Chernozub A.A.Contents hormone cortisol in the blood youths with different levels of physical training and its changes in the single training sessions under athleticism. 2011.-N7.97
28. Sheriff Sarhan.Psychological characteristics of group cohesion athletes 2011.-N7.100
29. Shuba L.V.Methods of using exercises form tennis with different movement activities for primary school on the physical training lessons. 2011.-N7.103
30. Jagiello Wladyslaw, Jagiello Marina, Kozina Zh.L.The level of knowledge about the planning of training process of female engaged in recreational fitness. . 2011.-N7.107
31. Rahim Ramzaninezhad, Farhad Rahmaninia, Mehr Ali Hemmatinezhad, Nooshin Benar, Misagh Hoseini Keshtan.Goals of participation in physical education classes 2011.-N7.111

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