CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2012, vol.3

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1. Bubka S.N.A many-sided life: cadreman, educationalist, theorist and practitioner of physical education, researcher, personality that defines Olympic movement 2012.-N3.6
2. Baybuza I.V.Estimation of motive possibilities and manipulative activity of children with cerebral paralysis of spastic form 3-5 years 2012.-N3.12
3. Borova T.A.The higher school teaching staff professional development system creation on the adaptive management principles 2012.-N3.16
4. Boroznyuk O.V.The raising of the professional orientation of physical training of future officers-communicators 2012.-N3.21
5. Volkov V.L.The problem of age differentiation of university students in physical education 2012.-N3.25
6. Glazkova I.B. To the question of academic discipline "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and children's health protection" 2012.-N3.29
7. Honchar G.I.Moral priorities of students in the sphere of physical training and sport 2012.-N3.34
8. Gonchar O.V.The modern technologies of subject-subject mutual relations of teacher and students in Higher School 2012.-N3.40
9. Gryban G.P.The conceptual principles of the functioning of the methodical system of physical training of agricultural students 2012.-N3.45
10. Dikiy B.V.The usage of Strelnikova's breathing exercises a chronic disease of the sinus paranasalis 2012.-N3.49
11. Dragnev Y.V.Modern education of future teacher of physical culture in the conditions of informatization of educational space 2012.-N3.53
12. Jhuravel' O.O.The problem of the formation of skills of students' physical self-improvement in the present conditions of the higher education system 2012.-N3.57
13. Ionova E.N.System-synergetic approach to the analysis of Waldorf school 2012.-N3.61
14. Klymenko A.I., Oleksandrova N.O.The role of teacher in structuring of independent information receipt by students on the modern stage 2012.-N3.65
15. Kurko Ya.V.Analysis of parameters of quality of life of students of different specialities 2012.-N3.68
16. Lyasota T.I.Factor structure of the relationship of indicators of physical condition and learning to adapt to younger students 2012.-N3.71
17. Mahlovanyy V.A., Jaworski T.І., Torlo O.I.Indicators of functional neuro-muscular and sensory systems of athletes - paralympic 2012.-N3.75
18. Maksimenko I.G.Perspective directions optimization of process of long-term preparation of young sportsmen (on the example of team games) 2012.-N3.79
19. Mykhajlova N.E.Comparative exercising children with congenital clubfoot and peers 2012.-N3.82
20. Pavlova Iu.A.Quality of life and physical activity as indicators of health-preserving competence of teachers 2012.-N3.85
21. Pasichnyk V. M. Studying of preconditions of introduction of integrating-utilizing balls in the process of physical education of children of the senior preschool age 2012.-N3.91
22. Petrova O.A., Tomashevskyy V.V.. Model of distant improvement of professional skill of the Ukrainian coaches 2012.-N3.96
23. Pogrebniak I.M., Kudelko V.E., Ostrovskiy M.V. Analysis of the 15 - 17 years old water polo players' competitive activity of the numerical superiority using and implementation 2012.-N3.102
24. Pomeschikova I. P., Yevtushenko A., Yevtushenko I.M. The level of spatial orientation of basketball players aged 14 years 2012.-N3.106
25. Svatyev А.V. Table of contents, structure and methodical providing of preparation of future trainers-teachers to development of professional presentations of educational material 2012.-N3.110
26. Sochenko Y.A. Teachers' awareness of health issues and health protecting activities 2012.-N3.115
27. Stetsenko A.I. The World Powerlifting Records - a new story 2012.-N3.119
28. Tishchenko V.O. Research of the technical preparation level of the qualified women's handballers on the special tests basis 2012.-N3.124
29. Khoroshukha M.F.Studying the interconnection between the deviant behaviour and the direction of the young sportsmen`s training process (due to the author`s retrospective observations) 2012.-N3.128
30. Shamardin V.N. Management of the highly qualified football team preparation during the transition period of the year cycle of training 2012.-N3.132
31. Shackih V.M. Informative criterion of psychophysiological states of wrestling in training activity condition 2012.-N3.137
32. Bolach Eugeniusz, Bolach Bartosz, Rachwalik Wojciech, Bialic Malgorzata. Change of spinal range of motion, lungs volume and pain evaluation inpatients with ischemic heart disease after bypass surgery 2012.-N3.141

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