CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.5

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1. Abdula A.B.Studies of anthropometric and functional parameters of the referees of different skills in football 2013.-N5.3
2. Belykh S.I.Health, physical education and physical development of students in historically and personally developing paradigm 2013.-N5.7
3. Vasylyuk V.N.Educational and social priorities of improving the system of physical education students 2013.-N5.13
4. Verenga Y.V., Prontenko K.V., Bondarenko V.V., Bezpaly S.M., Hutoryansky O.V.The physical condition for the first time accepted the service of officers of internal affairs of Ukraine 2013.-N5.18
5. Zheleznyj O.D., Zasik G.B., Mukhin V.M.The use of mechanotherapy means in basketball players recovery after the injuries of the lower extremities 2013.-N5.23
6. Kolumbet A.N.Features of organization and maintenance of physical education of students of higher pedagogical educational establishments 2013.-N5.27
7. Konova L.A.Physical improvement and its impact on the health of students 2013.-N5.33
8. Lukavenko A.V.The effectiveness of the pilot program of differentiated correction of psycho-physical condition of students in physical education 2013.-N5.37
9. Malygina V.I.Aerobic exercise in rehabilitation of women second coming of age with diabetes mellitus type 2 at a polyclinic stage restorative treatment 2013.-N5.45
10. Pogrebniak I. M., Kudelko V. E., Nagovitsina O. P.Effect of improving aerobics classes at the level of flexibility of female students 2013.-N5.49
11. Salatenko I.O.Comparative analysis of the level of physical health of students of economics specialties 2013.-N5.53
12. Samuylenko V.E.Modeling of competitive distances qualified rowing and canoeing (illustrated man rowing) 2013.-N5.57
13. Sidorova T.V., Sаk А. Е., Kotlyar S.N.Features of construction of the training process skiers aged 17-18 years to compete in different styles of skiing 2013.-N5.62
14. Slastina H.A.Sports and pedagogical improvement in the training of future teachers of physical education 2013.-N5.68
15. Tomenko O.A., Cherednichenko S.V.Submissions and future teachers' association regarding the basic concepts of the sphere of physical culture and sports 2013.-N5.73
16. Chornobay I.M., Matviiv V.I.Performance of transmission goals in one and two-touch combined team of Ukraine on football in a friendly match in 2011 and the matches of the European Championship in 2012 2013.-N5.77

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