CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.8

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1. Belykh S.I.Dynamics of knowledge, skills and abilities in the process of personal physical education based university students 2013.-N8.3
2. Vdovenko N.V., Ivanova A.M., Hhrobatenko O.V., Rossokha G.V., Kostyuchenko V.I.The effectiveness of a new domestic carbohydrate-protein product in the practice of training of high class 2013.-N8.12
3. Vovk V.M., Priymak A.Yu.Adaptation and patterns of its effects on the continuity of a healthy way of life of senior pupil and first-year students 2013.-N8.17
4. Ivaskiene V., Skyriene V., Cepelioniene J.Analysis physical activity and self-confidence students of humanitarian faculties from Kaunas (Lithuania) 2013.-N8.21
5. Kalinichenko I. O., Dyachenko Y. L.State changes in posture and arch of the foot in children aged 4 - 6 years with hypermobility of the joints under the influence of rehabilitation activities in schools 2013.-N8.26
6. Kalinichenko I. O., Savchuk O. V.Peculiarities of morpho-functional condition of young swimmers in the period of basic training 2013.-N8.31
7. Kapranov S.V., Petrov K.V.Influence of physical culture and sports on health status of pupils of industrial city 2013.-N8.36
8. Kompaniets Yu.A.Using of innovative methods in physical training of students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs 2013.-N8.41
9. Kosyns'kyi E.О., Khodinov V.M., Khrypliuk O.P., Krot A.S.Athletic and sporting interests of students in the physical education classes 2013.-N8.46
10. Kostyukevych V.M.The construction of the training process highly skilled athletes in soccer and field hockey in the annual cycle of training 2013.-N8.51
11. Lebedev S.I.Determining the level of high-speed abilities of young soccer players aged from 10 to 12 years 2013.-N8.56
12. Oleksenko V.M.Avoidance of influence of negative emotions on students' health 2013.-N8.61
13. Peleshenko I.N.Indicators of physical development and physical fitness of schoolboys of first class of secondary schools 2013.-N8.65
14. Perepelytsya O.A.Technical training of highly skilled hockey players on the grass in the Context of Model-purpose approach 2013.-N8.69
15. Pivneva M.M., Rumba O.G.Aerobics health as means of increasing somatic health of students of special medical group 2013.-N8.74
16. Platonenko D.V.Priory factors morphological structure, functional status and physical readiness of children aged 12-14 years with poor heals 2013.-N8.88
17. Sirenko P.О., Коrolinska S.V., Sirenko Y.P.Features interference electromyogram rectus femoris for skilled players in the context of special exercises 2013.-N8.92
18. Stasiuk I.I.Construction training process of highly skilled players in mini-football for competition period 2013.-N8.99
19. Sutula V.A., Shuteev V.V., Kovalev V.G., Bondar T.S.Features of formation of personal physical education of students. 2013.-N8.107
20. Nooshin Benar, Nastaran Yeganeh Far, Mostafa Entezary Zarej, Saeid Fallah Mehrabadi.Entrepreneurship: influence of entrepreneurship training courses on entrepreneurial behaviour of the staff in offices of youth and sports in Yazd province 2013.-N8.113

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