CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.3

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1. Bobrovnik V.I.Structure and logical organization of current studies in track and field sports 2014.-N03.3
2. Gruzhevsky V.A.Appropriateness of the use of innovative technologies in the formation of personality oriented motivation of students to physical education 2014.-N03.19
3. Klyus O. A.Effectiveness of the pilot program correction psychophysical condition of children in the second year of a common educational school 2014.-N03.25
4. Kozina Zh.L., Ilnitskaya A.S., Paschenko N.A., Koval M.V.Integrated application of health improving methods of Pilates and Bodyflex for improving psychophysiological possibilities of students 2014.-N03.31
5. Kotelevskiy V.I., Lyannoy Y.O., Mikheenko O.I.Actual problems of physical rehabilitation of students with spinal pathology 2014.-N03.37
6. Malyshkin A.N.Determining the attidute of middle school students to the physical exercises in the study of the various sections of the program 2014.-N03.43
7. Onoprienko О.M.Status indicators of formation of patriotic education of future teachers of physical culture 2014.-N03.48
8. Potokii V.S.Method of motor function recovery in patients with muscle spasticity after stroke 2014.-N03.53
9. Radziejowska Maria, Malinowska Agnieszka, Radziejowski Paweł.Influence of breathing exercises using method of Body Flex by Greer Childers on to the selected somatic traits of women with overweight and obesity 2014.-N03.57
10. Romanova I.A.Comparative analysis of using intellectual games in the educational process 2014.-N03.64
11. Sutula V.O., Sutula A.V., Golik A.S., Abdulvahid D.N.Features of formation of the individual students in secondary and high school 2014.-N03.70
12. Fomenko O.V.Comparative analysis of physical fitness and motor coordination abilities of students of the first and second courses of higher educational institutions engaged in aerobics 2014.-N03.75
13. Khalajtsan A.P.Culture of health of a person as a part of physical culture 2014.-N03.79
14. Shmalyey S.V., Scherbina T.I.Social and educational characteristics of the health status of pupils - sportsmen 2014.-N03.85
15. Adamczyk Jakub Grzegorz, Mastej Mariusz, Boguszewski Dariusz, Białoszewski Dariusz.Usage of thermography as indirect non-invasive method of evaluation of physical efficiency. Pilot study 2014.-N03.90
16. Podstawski Robert, Borysławski Krzysztof, Kajmowicz Bartosz.The influence of socioeconomic status on the level of early-school-aged children's motor abilities - blurring of differences in the economically underdeveloped areas 2014.-N03.96

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