CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.5

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1. Vykhliaiev Y.M., Ardasheva O.E.Physical rehabilitation of functional violations and deformations of children foot 2014.-N05.3
2. Gusarevich A.V.Technical training of qualified athletes , specializing in the high jump with a running start, with additional funds 2014.-N05.9
3. Derkach V.N., Yedinak G.A.On the question of periodization training content and Paralympic athletes with disorders of the musculoskeletal system in the light of the general theory of sports training 2014.-N05.13
4. Dubinskaya O.Y, Salatenko I.A.Applied problems of physical education students of economic specialties 2014.-N05.19
5. Zolotova А.D.Technology prevention of addictive behavior in children as part of a healthy lifestyle 2014.-N05.24
6. Ivanii I.V.Methodological basis for the formation of physical culture personality 2014.-N05.32
7. Levchenko V.A., Bublyk S.A., Drapchak I.M., Faichak R.I., Vashkevych S.I.State adaptation reserves cardiorespiratory system first-year students with varying degrees of physical fitness in terms of treadmill test 2014.-N05.37
8. Makarova E.V.Basic provisions of international classifications as criteria for evaluating the health status of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities 2014.-N05.42
9. Maksymenko I.G., Samer Majed Dmor.Study of the effectiveness of the traditional system of training 6-10-years-old involved in football 2014.-N05.50
10. Serebryak V.V., Popov S.V.Features of cadets' adaptation universities Ukrainian Interior Ministry to study the art of sambo 2014.-N05.55
11. Serorez T.B., Navka P.I.Methodical features dispensing exercise, used in extracurricular activities to improve health students 2014.-N05.60
12. Fedak S.S.Physical examination performed by the international military operations in mountainous terrain 2014.-N05.67
13. Zahra Ahmadizadeh, Mehrdad Hefzollesan, Sohrab Ghalehgir, Robab Yadollahzadeh, Sedighe HeydarinezhadInvestigating the relation between organizational climate and organizational citizenship behavior in the physical education offices employees in Mazandaran province 2014.-N05.74

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